The Twilight Saga

This is the first ever Twilight Mash Up! I say first ever because I plan to have more as time goes on..but we'll just see how this one goes first. So let me take the time now to tell you about this Comp/Game. In This Disscusion you will pick one partner, if you have done a partner comp before pick someone else to be a partner with the idea is so we can come together as a group and make some amazing friendships,take the story Twilight and Mash it up with a whole other story, like Pretty little liars, Harry Potter, Night World ect. Then make a small summary for the story you have created (ex. Bella moves to forks and meets Edward and his family then a new family came to town a family of wizards and one of the wizards falls in love with bella and..blah blah blah) its doesn't have to be fancy just tell us the main idea of this new story you've made.Then you and your partner make a banner for the story and enter it in here and thats really all it is.


1.Partners must be people you have never been partners with.

2.Twilight has to be part of you entry (From Twilight-Breaking dawn atleast)

3.Post your entry as a New Reply

4.Two Entries per Partnership

5.Behavie Kindly If you don't like someone's idea bite your tounge please.

6.Follow Site Rules.

7.Deadline is (TBA)


Nikki ~ Juliee




Olivia\~ Nayley


(Partners will be added as they appear.)

People In Need Of Partners.


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So...Would anyone like to be my partner?
I would!
Yay :D
coool... is this a game! or a comp?
Its a little bit of both I guess its a little like a game but there are "prizes" to win.
sounds like fun

The Comp/Game has Offically Started <33



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