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Hi Everyone!

Myself and the other administrators wants to make it official to you that we're moving.

It isn't that we don't love TTS, we do. If we didn't we wouldn't have tried recruiting people over the summer.

But unfortunately our plans to bring people to our little group here haven't been working in our favor. We think a lot of people automatically dismiss the idea of joining the group because of the "Twilight stigma" this site has, and it's sad because we're such a good little group.

The GOOD news is we are still going to exist, just under a new name and a new website.

We are now transitioning into becoming a group on Deviantart. Our new name is Graphically Sound. The link to the group is here.

The group is still under construction until further notice though it's absolutely fine if you want to join now OR better yet if you just want to watch the group or watch the neutral account Juliee, Claire & I made that is listed as the group's creator, graphicallygroup. The profile to that account can be found here.

Until we finish making the group on DA, we probably won't be on here as much though we will try! We want you all to be as much a part of the transitioning process as the three of us are so we will be messaging some of you who have stuck with us for a long time and are still active today, because we especially want you guys to be a part of this process, and we have a special position for you guys we think that you'll love so stay around to receive that message soon!

We'd love to hear all of your questions, though it is preferred for you to reach us via email because it's sort of a neutral place between TTS and DA where you can say anything you want about either site without worry.

The email address that we are using currently is:

Know that if you email us your email is confidential. We won't share your email address with anyone and will delete your messages immediately after answering your questions unless it is a more complicated issue.

Also, if you prefer, AIM and AOL accounts are VERY easy to make so you can just do that if you prefer not to share your personal email.

So down here I wanted to put some links that are/aren't above. Most are modes of contact but all are good to save to your Bookmarks/Favorites.

The DeviantArt Group (Graphically Sound):

The DeviantArt Group Account:

The Email Address:

Claire's DeviantArt Account:

Juliee's DeviantArt Account:

Nikki's DeviantArt Account:

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