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 So, you choose a celebrity, and change their hair, eye, and/ or skin color to make them not be their natural selves. I am not entering, but I thought that Demi looks like a great red head.


Okay, one last thing. if you plan to join this jury, please do NOT enter!






D e a d l i n e : 8/9/11

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I did Hayden Panettiere.


Things changed:

Hair color

Eye Color


cool! What site did you use?
You mean what site did I use to edit it? I actually downloaded a free program called GIMP a while back. I use it for everything lol, including editing this picture.
Haha, I use GIMP too, actually, I use a lot of sites.But you are much better :)
Thanks :] Your graphics are great too, though <3
:) thank you
Hey, Kara, how do you color individual parts of pictures on GIMP? I can't figure it out.
things changed
eye color
hair color
lip color
:) love it
thank you

I did this a while back, it's not my entry, since she's just a model, not a celebrity. I just wanted to share it.

Cute. :)


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