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 CEO - Aro Volturi (Fallen Knight of the Light)

Customer Relations Specialist - Heidi (AndraLee)


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Hey boss! Is it okay if I got someone to help me make my character banner?
ya sure
oh this boss is going to be easy to get over on... as long as I can keep him from touching me and reading my thoughts, I can get away with almost anything

.....really? *growls and attacks* im not stupid

*cowers* is the new sign you requested... master


*when Aro turns his back, Heidi sticks her tongue out like she's gagging on a hairball*

thank you

Here's Volturi Brother Enterprises' first banner order...


It's a banner for Rachel Black. The title of her story is "First Love". The premise of the story is that Edward and Rachel meet when the Cullens come back to Forks. Rachel and Edward are good friends. When Bella arrives in Forks, Edward turns to Rachel to help him deal with his attraction to Bella. Unfortunately, Bella is attracted to Jake and has no interest in Edward. I guess Bella goes through a series of misfortunes. Edward is always fixing things and protecting Bella,even though she doesn't know it. Eventually, Edward decides to leave and Rachel steps in to help Bella see that Edward is her true love. Or something like that. She needs this banner by Wednesday. Oh... she does not want pics of the Twilight actors. She would prefer some symbols of friendship, like people holding hands and walking together or just friends riding in cars. 


So.... Boss... what do you want me to do?  Look for pictures?


yes Rachel wants two things... first, i got the summary wrong... Rachel stops Edward from leaving because she helps him realize they have more than friendship between them. Second, she wants one banner with the Twilight actors. Anyway, I did that one and sent it to her. She still wants one without Twilight actors, too. It'll take more time to find pics, but I can't look until after I come back from Farm Supply. (Besides you're too busy mowing to care right now. :P)


So now Rach wants chapter headers.... we're both busy so I cropped a couple of pics and asked a couple of people to add text. (Don't worry, I saved one for you mess with) 


Hey are you going to put the Help Wanted sign up here or are you only going to 'hire' your guards in the role play. Did you make one on Packs and Covens yet? 

Here are the headers I sent over to Koala Bear Kate and to The Only Exception.

i guess i could


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