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Okay So I'm going to do My best to explain this :) 

Right now were all at kind of different points in our lives and were all really different people which is why our group i so amazing :)  So for this comp. I want you too make a banner to show kind of who you are right now and maybe what your going through. Show off your personality the best you can. 

I hope that kind of makes sense. 

1.3 Entries Per Person
2.Play Nice
3, Give credit where its needed
4.Follow TTS and TGBT rules always!
Over All Best
Best Colors
Most heart Felt

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Okay In case The Explanation I gave just confused you maybe this example will clear things up a bit and if not you can always ask me :)

Okay So for my banner I tried my best to express the decisions i'm making right now in my life.

 Deciding where i want to go after high school,  Who i want to stay with, and how i'm going to explain it to everyone.

I have my mom who wants me to stay with her my dad wants me to go with him and then the rest of my family who thinks i'm too young to make these choices on my own.

Then there's what I want to do and it just seems like it's not in the cards life's been handing me.  

So I hope this makes you think of something maybe a choice your making a situation your going though or just how your feeling right now :) 

i hope to see em <3

I'm not really sure how I would describe my theme personally haha. So I guess I'll just explain my banner, and maybe you guys can figure out what my theme is. Anyway, I did a fairly simple quote/lyric banner. The pictures in the middle represent me and what I want to do with my life. The girl obviously represents me (I have red hair haha) and she's looking kind of in the distacance, where I've added a picture of England in. Basically, much to my parents' disappointment, I don't want to go to college really after I finish High School. Instead, I plan to move to England and become a Waitress or a gymnastics Coach... or both. I know I would probably have to take some schooling to be a Coach, but I feel that since I already love gymnastics, I wouldn't mind. The quote is from the song Wings by Little Mix. That song is pretty much my theme song (: I don't care what other people say about me, because in the end, it's my life, not theirs.

I love your banner Kara and I hope everything works out for you traveling to England sounds amazing! 

This is my entry. 

Basically, I'm going through a lot at the moment. I am trying to kick my addiction of self-harming away, so far it's been good. 26 days since I've last done it. Almost a month. The quote is from the song Hanging On by Ellie Goulding:

"Everyday I feel this pain. But you just turn and walk away."

To me, this quote portrays how life is for me. People don't notice that I'm withering away to this emotionless girl and they just leave. Or, some people do see it and don't even try to help me. They turn and leave.

The picture is of a girl underwater, drowning. That's how I feel sometimes. Like I'm drowning in everyone's smiles and their happy lives. Or I'm just drowning by all the demons crowding inside my mind. People think that when you stop for a certain amount of time that everything is okay. It's not. Because right now, other than feeling numb, or in pain, I'm feeling helpless. Kind of like the girl in the picture who is drowning. But you see that's how people feel when they have an addiction, like they're getting pulled into the deep end. They're drowning.

So that's my theme. Sorry if I brought people down, I just don't wanna pretend like I'm happy all the time anymore. 

Kelsey, I love the banner and I understand that feeling I had it a lot for a long time.

I had a time about a year ago when I had to leave home with my brother and my mother and I was so depressed I really had no idea what to do with myself to make the pain go away so I slept for days at a time and I wouldn't eat or talk to anyone. My family had no idea how to handle that so they mostly ignored it which was easy for them since when i was awake i didn't have the heart to worry them so i would smile and laugh like nothing was wrong. I didn't know how or if i should ask for help but eventually i didn't get the choice anymore my mom found me sleeping in the bathtub of the friends we were staying with at the time, I wasn't drowning in the tub, she asked the friends we were staying with what she should do and they told her to get me help which she did that day. It wasn't easy at first to talk to this person but it got easier. I felt way better it's not like the feelings every really go away that easy i still feel helpless and sucked into myself sometimes but i defiantly don't feel as alone as i did before and I'm way happier now.

So what i wanted to say, before getting sidetracked, is sometimes everyone else doesn't want to see that you need help or that your hurting, so maybe asking for help on your own is something you should do. My school had a student counciler who i could go talk to during the day if i needed to for free, maybe you should look into doing something like that if you haven't already talking really does help along with a strong support system like friends or a family member. 

Who Are You Now? is pretty much my theme song. Every lyric describes me perfectly. Let Love Bleed Red also describes me pretty well.

I chose "Don't wake me up cause I hate who I am today" because sometimes when i wake up, I'm just really unhappy with myself and I just want to be alone all day. 

I chose "Lay me down and tell me everything will be alright" because I just need someone that understands what I am going through and how I feel to tell me it'll be alright and mean it.

I chose "Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly" because it says that sometimes things aren't going to go your way and you're going to experience lows (you'll fall) but eventually things will get better and you'll be okay (you'll fly). 

The album that the song who are you now is from is basically about holding on when things are tough and not giving up. That's why I love Sleeping With Sirens. Their music has helped me so much and I have no way to thank them for it.

Anyway, yeah, my theme c:


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