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Hello, I am Sara and Thank you for clicking on my workshop :). I try to get orders done as quickly as I can. But I had been out for 2 months and I want to apologize to the orders I have not completed,yet.

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<--- This Beautiful Young Lady is Bunny(Juliee) Her work will blow you mind right of the pound. She is a great friend and person. I love her to pieces!

The Wonderful Juliee



This Wonderful Artist is Rachel! Her work is AMAZING! Shes Good Friend! Honestly, she is awsome sauce!---->

Pretty Girly!

<----- CLARIE~BEAR! Honestly if you dont like her work you need to see a therapist and eye doctor! i hope only ever get half as good as hers.!




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Sorry for not being clearer with my request in the first place. I'm sorry for saying something yet again. When I said tall, I meant tall like your bookcover sample. If it's too troublesome for you, you don't have to. I do like what you have done. A lot.

 Oh,sweetie Its fine. hahahahaa. I realize I was  harsh. I didnt mean to. 

I'll have done and fixed for you.! :)


These didint turn out very good I know. But I hope you like it.

I don't think you were harsh, just honest. Thank you so much for doing this. You do amazing work. Beautiful pieces of art. Thank you.


I do like the cover. I don't think that it turned out bad or anything. I really like it. I know I'm being so troublesome and this is going to seem like an odd request. Can I have a textless version of it too? You don't have to. You have done so much already.

Okay, first I would just like to say that your work is very very good :)

You are one of the best banner makers I have seen on here and it makes me wonder how I didn't notice you before.

Anyways, I would like a Story Cover, please.


Book Cover

Title: The Third Dead Flower

Author: Dajah Townsend

Quote: "You're the last one..."

Summary(If you Want to): This story was going to be a Twilight Saga fan fiction but it turned out to be a huge spin off that has nothing to do with Twilight. It's a book about a 17 year old girl who is a vampire and werewolf hybrid which is against all laws for her to even be born. Her father left her and her mother when he found out he had created something that would get him killed (a hybrid) and she hasn't seen or heard from him before in her life. Just when she thinks her life will be boring and consist of hiding forever, she runs into some trouble and drama that changes her life forever.

Link: It's not posted

Color Scheme: Hmm... I'm thinking dark and mystery. No pink. Love yet danger and confusion mixed with fear. Painful yet happy. Yeah, I know. That's confusing. Just do what you think would be cool.


Okay, with this, I want the girl to be the main focus and more off the the left side of the cover while the boy is more in the background of her but he still needs to be noticeable because he is a major person within the story.


Thank you so much (In advance) and I just want you to know that you can take your time on this. I'm not planning on posting this story anywhere or doing anything with it until it's finished... :)


- Dajah

The Gif you want:


Request: Can it say "My King Luie"? 


The Gif you want:



Request: Can it say "My Rook Sound"?


The Gif you want:


Request: Can it say "Luie's Princess Paris"?

These okay?

can the Font be a different color for each?

 How Is this,Sweetie?

 Your so welcome,honey!!!!!


Any orders?


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