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Good Moring, Good Afternoon and Good Night to you. Welcome to my GMPG Tread.

Lets get ready to learn and have some fun. Before we get started iWant you to get

accainted (sorry if thats spelled wrong) with and


Photobucket is where iStore my images. Signups are free and if you have a facebook are a twitter account you can sign up through them. (when your computer gets full and you

 need more storage upload your graphics that way you will always have them)


Ok Deviantart is where I get most of my brushes from. Signups for

Deviantart is also free. If you dont know how to install brushes or fonts for that matter.

just let me know.


If you have any other questions dont be afraid to ask my darlings!


 - Inactive





Favorite TV Shows:Vampire Diaries,Angel,Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hobbies:Draw,Read,Write,Role Play

Favorite Actor/Actress:Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Crush: (if any):Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Favorite Candy: Twix

Favorite Holiday:Christmas


Aria <>banner on the way<>


1. Review Erasing

2. Review Layering

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Ok so Molly and Crislin I want you guys to give me a list of the things you would like to work on this term

Ok! Well first I'd like to do how to make the banner look prettier :)

ok thats really easy is that all?

I can't think of the names for anything else :/

ok well when you see something post it here

Hmm . . . more precise cutting of pics, perhaps? Especially on pictures of persons.

That's what I'm bad at . . . 

ok i have two different ways to cut/erase backgrounds. I guess you could start looking for pics that you want to work with

Alrighty guys I got this from Nikki. I think we should get to know each other a little better do if its not too much please take this little survey. This will also help me to make this experience a little more fun!


Your Name:

Favorite TV Shows:


Favorite Actor/Actress:

Celebrity Crush: (if any):

Favorite Candy:

Favorite Holiday:


Here are My answer,

Your Name: Zanica

Favorite TV Shows: True Blood, Bad Girls Club

Hobbies: Writing, Singing, Reading

Favorite Actor/Actress: Gerard Butler

Celebrity Crush: (if any): Chris Brown, Jason Duerlo

Favorite Candy: Resees, Heath

Favorite Holiday: Valentine/Christmas


you name: katie

favorite tv shows: any show

hobbies: playing soccer, cheerleding, going to the movies

favorite actor: zac efron

Celebrity crush: justin bieber and zac efron

favorite candy: chocolate bars ( any)

Favorite holiday: Chritsmas 


I love soccer too.

Justin and Zac.... they are just so handsome!

your name: michael

Favorite tv shows: any

hobbies:playing soccer

favorite actress: none

celebrity crush: none

favorite candy: lollipops

favorite holiday: valentines day

Your Name: Molly

Favorite TV Shows: Glee, Friends and X factor

Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing, dancing, acting, planking, playing guitar, football,  gymnastics

Favorite Actor/Actress: Actress is Kristen Stewart and Lea Michelle. Actor is Robert Pattinson <3

Celebrity Crush: (if any): ROBERT PATTINSON! I'm Robsessed.

Favorite Candy: Does chocolate count?

Favorite Holiday: CHRISTMAS BABY! I love the tree, and the lights, and the gifts ;D



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