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Good Moring, Good Afternoon and Good Night to you. Welcome to my GMPG Tread.

Lets get ready to learn and have some fun. Before we get started iWant you to get

accainted (sorry if thats spelled wrong) with and


Photobucket is where iStore my images. Signups are free and if you have a facebook are a twitter account you can sign up through them. (when your computer gets full and you

 need more storage upload your graphics that way you will always have them)


Ok Deviantart is where I get most of my brushes from. Signups for

Deviantart is also free. If you dont know how to install brushes or fonts for that matter.

just let me know.


If you have any other questions dont be afraid to ask my darlings!


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Favorite TV Shows:Vampire Diaries,Angel,Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hobbies:Draw,Read,Write,Role Play

Favorite Actor/Actress:Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Crush: (if any):Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Favorite Candy: Twix

Favorite Holiday:Christmas


Aria <>banner on the way<>


1. Review Erasing

2. Review Layering

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This good? 


Review Lesson One [erasing]

Ok what I want you all to do is take this picture and erase the whole background.

when you are done you should have something like this

Now dont just erase make do it like you would fill an order.

And dont forget your siggies.

yeah sorry i dont know how to do this yet. 


Mine sucks x[

Crislin this is really good. Now I would like for you to pick you own picture and so the samething.

When we start I'd like to know how to make floating image, like the page heading above

ok a pop out is really easy and we will work on it

ok Nessie here it is

ok so you can use the pic above if you want or use your own. We are going to be using the Circle Fuzzy Brush. No keep in mind that we are going to be erasing so click the tool with the eraser on it, ok?

this is what the fuzzy brush looks like


and basicly all you do is use the brush i showed you ^^^ and erase around the flower and all that should be let is this(yours should look something like this)

so your clipboard image is going to need to be 1024x768 and color the background black.
copy and past this image up top on your clipboard and erase away... but the flower must be visible like mine is okay.
Post your work when you're done

Just in case any body is wondering, I took Michelle off because she hasn't responded to my message!

does anyone have any questions with the erasing?

 What do you mean copy and paste up top on your clipboard and erase away?


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