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Good Moring, Good Afternoon and Good Night to you. Welcome to my GMPG Tread.

Lets get ready to learn and have some fun. Before we get started iWant you to get

accainted (sorry if thats spelled wrong) with and


Photobucket is where iStore my images. Signups are free and if you have a facebook are a twitter account you can sign up through them. (when your computer gets full and you

 need more storage upload your graphics that way you will always have them)


Ok Deviantart is where I get most of my brushes from. Signups for

Deviantart is also free. If you dont know how to install brushes or fonts for that matter.

just let me know.


If you have any other questions dont be afraid to ask my darlings!


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Favorite TV Shows:Vampire Diaries,Angel,Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hobbies:Draw,Read,Write,Role Play

Favorite Actor/Actress:Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Crush: (if any):Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Favorite Candy: Twix

Favorite Holiday:Christmas


Aria <>banner on the way<>


1. Review Erasing

2. Review Layering

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Replies to This Discussion

Hmmm I don't know. What do you have to do or what do you want me to do?

No idea lol

You do what ever you want to do. You come up with a graphic based on things you've learned. Go to the thread and church it out.

i made another popout!:

good job!

Thanks! Definitely my best one!

I made myself a new profile picture!:

How can I make these two better since you can see the edges of the border? I also can see the erasing for the top one

when you open gimp keep the background white especially if the picture is mostly black like the ones you used so you can see if you are leaving spots behind and always always use the circle fuzzy brush and make it as big as it will go

okay thanks 


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