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Thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Zanica and I would be happy to do a graphic for you.

I do all types of graphics. If you need me to look for the pictures I will just give me the names of

the people(celebs etc) and i will be happy find them.  Please remember to post all new

orders as a New Reply!! Thanx for visiting!




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Type of Grapic(book cover, ff banner, wallpapers, etc):

Author(how you want it to appear on the graphic?):





Anything Else?:


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[i absolutely adore him]


Hannah Made This For Me!!! Thnx Love!








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i owe you so much ugh its beautiful <3

lol no prob!


Type of Grapic(book cover, ff banner, wallpapers, etc):wallpaper/character banner

Author(how you want it to appear on the graphic?):no author


Text:A thousand years

Subtext:I will wrap you in my arms 
And you will know you have been saved

Summary: Alex finally tells bella he loves her, but the question in his mind is will they make it together...

Anything Else?: Nothing, but if you'd like to add something more, go ahead


your banner-

yourwallpaper -
Photobucket [1600x1200]

i hope you like them both

i love them, [-smiles-] thanks

you're welcome

Hey, I have another request for you!!!

Name: College Days

Type of Grapic(book cover, ff banner, wallpapers, etc): FF banner

Author(how you want it to appear on the graphic?): Fleur24

Pictures: I want these three pictures to be in the center: I want these pictures to be in the background, flanking the three in the center.

Text: If your family isn't perfect, then make your own.

Subtext: Meeting new people isn't a bad thing.

Summary:  Edward gets a call from his brother Emmett, asking if wants the extra room in the house he's sharing with his two best friends, Johanna and Jasper. Edward takes the room and flys out to Dartmouth College.  What adventures await him there?

Anything Else?: Its all human fic. 

Here you go. I hope this works better.

here you go


OMGOsh!!!!!!!!!!!!! So totally cool!!!!!!!  I love how you separate the two groups. I can't get over how cool it looks! THANK YOU, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!

Hey Zanica. I have a HUGE order for you, and I don't know if you'll have time to do it. Let me know if you can't.

I need eleven page headers. I know, lol. It's SOOO much. Just let me know if you can't do it. It's for the Fan-fiction awards, which loads of people are taking part in. It would be like Crazi Cullen's Banner shop sponsers The Fan-fiction Awards. Lol.

There are eleven categories. 

The best Bella fan-fiction.

The best Edward fan-fiction.

The best Renesmee fan-fiction

The best Alice fan-fiction.

The best Jacob fan-fiction.

The best wolf fan-fiction.

The most dramatic fan-fiction.

The funniest fan-fiction.

The best one-shot.

The best original supernatural story. 

The best all human twilight story.


I just thought it would be really cool. You're one of the best graphic makers on this site, and you can do gifs and everything. Please let me know.

ok Molly here are the first 5






I will have the rest done tomorrow


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