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Active Comps and Challenges (No or Unknown Deadlines)

AfterAllThisTime: Who are You?(comp)

Aℓℓ Aℓσиɛ (Monster </3): Paяamoяɛ Chaℓℓɛиgɛ!

CraziCullen[τhа dгеамег™]:Graphic Chain

Molly Greeves: Pain Banner closed

n i k k i (h a n n a): GIF Chat

Sara! <3: Interpretation Comp

the gamer: Collaboration Contest Number One

the gamer: Vampires Contest

RomanceIsMyFiction|Juliee|:Twilight Mash Up

WhatIsDivineAnna: Creativity Jumble #1


Closing in December

The Vampire Group: Party Competition (ends 12/1)

Closing in November

KelseyChantel3 : Concert Comp (ends 11/1)


Closing in October

AfterAllThisTime: Who are You? (comp)

Aℓℓ Aℓσиɛ (Monster </3): Pretty Little Liars Competition (ends 10/1)

AndraLee (Annie): Happy Halloween! (ends 10/31)

Bruises&Bitemarks (Scarlett): Paяamoяɛ Chaℓℓɛиgɛ! (ends Oct 18)

Hunter: Like a Shipment (ends 10/21)

KelseyChantel Love/Heartbreak Challenge (ends 10/31)

Olivia Knox: Banner Couple Competition (ends 10/7)

Swimfreak(Emma) Banner Comp! Titanic! (ends 10/15)

The Petrova Clan: The Vampire Diares Competition (ends 10/1)

Writer4Life: Couple Banner Challenge (ends 10/31)


Closing in September

AfterAllThisTime: Who are You?

All Alone: Picture Challenge 

All Alone: Creatures of the Night 

Bleeding Eyes that Love: Nature Competition

Claire J. Darling: Book-to-Movie Comp 

CraziCullen[τhа dгеамег™]:  Creative Challenge  

CraziCullen[τhа dгеамег™]: 9/11 Challenge (ends 9/24)

Dream <3 (Hope): Important People Comp (ends 9/24)

Jump*Then*Fall*Into*Me<3: Love 

Just Believe :D [Hope]: Star Competition 

Kelsey Chantel:Lyrical Banner (ends 9/26)

KoalaBearKate♥: Favorite Animal Competition 

Madison Emily: Shadows Competition One 

Madison Emily ♥: The Renesmee Competition

n i k k i (h a n n a): Best Banners Competition

n i k k i (h a n n a): Dream Competition 

♥XxѲиℓʏ_SaraxX♡: the FWB Comp 

Pixie Couture: Banner Challenge 

RomanceIsMyFiction|Juliee|: Romantic Lryic Comp 

RomanceIsMyFiction|Juliee|:Who's your Character Comp 

RomanceIsMyFiction|Juliee|:Twilight Mash Up

the gamer: Collaboration Contest Number One 

the gamer: Photo Challenge 

The Petrova Clan: The Vampire Diares Competition 

writer4life: Favorite Song Challenge


Closed in August

Beautiful RemainsBe Creative! 

Beautiful Remains: Favorite Band Comp 

Beautiful Remains: A Day in My Life banner 

Beautiful Remains: Lyric Banner Competition

Claire J. Darling: Favorite Villain Competition 

CraziCullen[τhа dгеамег™]: Lyrically Challenged 

Guywhojustlovessinging: book cover

Guywhojustlovessinging: competition (closed?) 

Liza Kanapatski: Banner Contest Deadline August

Madison Emily: The Mystery of Old Bridge Manor 

η ι κ κ ι ( Spencer )™: Favorite Novel Competition

η ι κ κ ι (Spencer)™: Love and Obsession Challenge

η ι κ κ ι (Spencer)™:Unnatural Challenge 

n i k k i (Spencer): Cartoon Character Comp! 

Pyre Farwell : The Asylum competition!

Яσмαиcɛ ιƨ мʏ ғιcтισи |Ĵʋιℓɛɛ|: Ƨтσяʏ βσσκ Competition 

Romance is My Fiction |Juliee|: Inspired Competition

Яσмαиcɛ ιƨ мʏ ғιcтισи |Ĵʋιℓɛɛ: Ɯнσ'ƨ Ƴσʋя Ɔнαяαcтɛя Competition 

Ŧħɇ Ŧřĭƀŭŧɇş: MY Banner Competition!!!!! Deadline is August 4th!!

Pixie Couture: Picture Competition 

SomethingWorthLivingFor: Harry Potter Contest 

Jump*Then*Fall*Into*Me<3: Love 


Closed in July

Claire J Darling: Accidental Betrayl Comp Winners

Guywhojustlovessinging Banner competition

StickTogether[Aηηα]❤❞ : Graphic Competiton #1 (closed?) 

Writer4Life: comp results

writer4life:My 2 Banner competition!!!!

Group Picture Competition 

Inactive Comps or Challenges (No or Unknown Deadlines)

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These icons were submitted to the first TGBT group contest and represented the group for the months indicated.  Click on the icon to see a larger image.

1st: N i k k i (Hanna) - July



2nd: After All This Time  - August

3rd: AndraLee - September



4th: Sarahjojo9 - October



5th: Madi - November





6th: Kara Sanctuary - December



7th: StickTogether[Anna] - January



8th: Amour Toujours ❤ Sisters - February



9th: Romance is My Fiction - March

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