The Twilight Saga

When they're photoshooting for the movies, they focus too much on Rob and Kristen. I don't even LIKE Bella, and I only like Edward because he's played by RP (no offense, KS).


So, do I just hate Bella so much that I'm being paranoid, or does anyone else notice too?


PS in this group's homepage, they use too many pics of rob&kristen/bella&edward, too. I don't think there was ONe picture of bree, or jasper, emmett, or rose. (Maybe there was one, but still)

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well, that's because it's mostly about Bella and Edward. they're the main characters.
but still, not everyone is in love with them just because they're the main characters, As a matter of fact, Bella *BELLA not KS* makes me want to hurl sometimes. Whenever the Twilight cast get together to do a photoshoot, it's like they say, "Okay, Rob, Kristen, since no one cares about any of the other characters, why don't you two do a bunch of pictures until there's almost no sunlight left and the photoshoot is almost over, and then we'll take care of the other people?" And even then, they always have to include Bella and Edward. It's annoying.
i would like to see more of Charlie. he's a sexy man. lol
the twilight saga is the love romance between two being, one human, and one blood thirsty creature of the night who moves beyond time. even if they are surrounded by others, for example their parents wouldn't it be obvious that the story would still be about them? therefore if a movie is made from this same story what else do we expect, but the two characters to be featured at all cost. however they are loved round the world. their photos are everywhere, and every photo makes headline news. can any of us stop that. they are the in style characters, so be prepared to see more focus on bella/edward, or robert/kristen in the up coming final part. it's amazing how twilight the series has cause so much controversy. I love it
Well, I think it depends on who you like. They are the principal characters of the story, so it is not unusual to have them in the camera much more than other characters, but since I like Carlisle so much, I would like to see him mnore often. So I get what you mean.

i like it but ur rite their shud be more pics of the other characters


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