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Any Icons that are Anti-Jacob are welcome here.For every one who cannot stand the The anoying pain-in-the-butt werewolf. (No offence team Jacob-ers)

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I couldn't decide if I like the purple or green better so I added both of them! (:
i want to la push jacob off a cliff and stab him with forks!
lol! thats a good icon, u should make it L=
lol I like Seth better times a trillion!!! He's my fav out of all the Werewolves!! Go Seth!!! And I agree lets go hate Jake!!! Yah!!! :)
Isabella Roza
lol Love the 'I like seth more' one!!! He actually is my fav wolf though... :)
♱♥♫ღï§αbɛℓℓα Яסּzαღ♫♥♱
Seth is ridiculously adorable so it isnt a shocker that there are so many Team Seth people out there!
I have seen most of those and love them all. I am a huge fan of the one about the fave werewolf...definitely Seth!
Haha! I'm totally the first one!
ha i love
lol Go Bob the Builder!!! :)
Isabella Roza
I like the Team La Push Jacob Off a Cliff one that is hilarious!


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