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Any Icons that are Anti-Jacob are welcome here.For every one who cannot stand the The anoying pain-in-the-butt werewolf. (No offence team Jacob-ers)

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i hate jake too!Haha!I like the one with rob going "So,I leave right?And then like 5 seconds later the H?# calls up jacob.' Lol!You know what,even if our lovely robert pattinson said that,it would sound so beautiful with his accent.*sigh* In the future,i will go date british boys,i dig accents.Ok,this is one i made but i can't find the dumb file:
Blondes may have more fun,but Edward likes brunettes better.

Apologies to blondes out there,i just thought it was kind of funny cuz u always see things that say "Blondes have more fun"
Yall are mine!!!!! I would rather kill myself the jacob because he is hot and Edward is ... well.... UM .... NOT

It's supposed to say "My cat is TEAM EDWARD cause Jacob's a dog"

I love this one! xD
AWESOME SOUNDS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Jacob is sooo rude kissing somone elses fionce, making rude comments! the hotness about him is not worth the cold person inside!(even though hes like 10000000000000000 degrees you know what i mean!)he has his good moments but not many.............(this doesnt include Taylor Lautner though!)


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