The Twilight Saga

I know the group says "Twilight Icons" but we all have a little HP in our computers right?here's a few funny ones!

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I love the "we're off to see the wizards" one. Lol
Lol I like how Ginny is Bella and Harry is...Jacob? Or was that Edward??? Omg! No i think it was Jacob!
well in the twilight poster im pretty sure it jacob lol

-i tryed to give it a chance but>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Man, even though I'm against HP because of the whole killing the man who is now Edward Cullen (I just heard that was true from one of my friends), I will have to read the Harry Potter books so I can understand some of these icons. =D
this is a twilight group. If u like Harry Potter make another group!!!!! Who cares about Harry Potter after Twilight???
Edward can push Harry Potter off a cliff!!!!
Haters gonna hate...
But you hate no more when Harry Potter puts a stunning spell on you...

i said i wanted DECAF!


i love this one so much!!


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