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Just wondering cuz i hav loads over 2000 which is probably a bit too extreme
does anyone have as many as mi or am i just a sad twilight icon collecting freak lol!!!

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honestly? ... ... ... about 201 ... *cough* :P
okay i checked i have exactly 2221 and counting lol!!!

update 2825 yay!!! =D
exactly 100 kinda creepy lol
i take mine bac 2!!! i hav 173 :D im still getting them tho!!!! :))
i feel pathetic with my 93. im getting more!
i take that back. i think 277
umm about 200 or so
ha ha ok so my mom was getting annoyed with all of my twilight icons so i made a folder... i have: *drum roll please* lol 816. i kid you not. and that's not counting the other folder on my mom's lap top ((that has about the same amount)) and all the ones in other folders lol
nice. i made a folder too :}
I only have 93 so far but I'm gonna get more. BTW I made 5 of the icons I have!
Okay, make that 100! Yay! I feel pathetic though.... I need more Twilight pics websites....


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