The Twilight Saga

ok now today i watched twilight then newmoon and then eclipse the thing i wanna know is did any off u notice that in all three flims the way the vampire 's were killed was diffrent in all 3 flims .

twilight james had like a screching noise

newmoon the vampire that aro's kills had like a rock and dust sound and look

eclipse the newborns  sounded and look like glass

now i love all the movies but does anymore know why they keep changing the way they look and sound when there 're being destoryed?

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Hello, E.

Do hope that everything worked out between you and your friend. :)

I know next to nothing about horse training, just a vague impression from some viewings on the Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Are you planning to become a professional horse trainer?

Yes, I would LOVE to be a pro horse trainer... if it pays well. I'd really not like to go through the college and have it be a waste.... But, yes, you can go to a college to become a horse trainer... I think.. Lol ;)


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