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ok now today i watched twilight then newmoon and then eclipse the thing i wanna know is did any off u notice that in all three flims the way the vampire 's were killed was diffrent in all 3 flims .

twilight james had like a screching noise

newmoon the vampire that aro's kills had like a rock and dust sound and look

eclipse the newborns  sounded and look like glass

now i love all the movies but does anymore know why they keep changing the way they look and sound when there 're being destoryed?

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All of the directors styles are different. They all have their own vision of how the movies should be. I love all the movies but i keep an open mind of all the directors. We are all diferent, so are they.
yea but the books r all done by the same person ,i just feel that  they should have kept the concept of the books ! lol
They are not the same as her. She has her views and they have theirs.
But the r her views if it wasn't for her there would be no twilight films , and y r u so bent out of shape lol relax ! I just wanted to kno if anyone see's what I've seen
I not, Just saying.. I noticed it too. Just keep an open mind.
I will thanks ,but I love all the movies not bashing them but I just notice that part I thought maybe it might have something to do with the age of the vampire maybe!
Please I'm not bashing them either. I love all things Twilight related. I just keep an open mind.
Me too have everything that's twilight laptop cover games pictures books etc. Lol but I'm asking u do u think that the diffrence in james,the vampire that was killed by aro and the newborns do u think its all has something to do with how old they are could that be each dir. Take on the movies?
Could be. Newbors are the strongest and The Romainians are pretty much dust. LOL......
See that's what I was thinking ! Lol I've read the illstruted book and I liked it but it left me a bit confused lol it explained very lil to me but I still enjoyed it but it the lil details that always make me wanna know more lol


Wow, I am blind..and I went to Film School! D'oh!!

I never did notice the 3 differences but now that you brought it up...

I think I did notice on a subconscious level, at least the second vampire, the one Aro kills (and why is Aro doing the killing? I thought all his minions had "tacky" know, the ones Aro finds boring or tasteless? Just imho). I did notice how solid the 2nd Vamp was bvut I did not think of James...he seemed to be too far away and was seen through Bella's dying eyes which were seeing everything all blurry.'s a good point you brought up. 

When I saw the Vamps being destroyed/killed, I just thought that each case was different, as stated previously. I saw each Vamp as they were shown and as such, I just thought that that was the way they, as individuals, died. People, humans, all die the same in the end but the path that leads to our last breath is different..I am guessing since I have never died, lol. 

Good point, laquever!  Why didn't you bring this up in the Movies section? Get more ppl involved in a worthwhile discussion? Lord knows we need good topics/threads.

Anyhoo...thanks for your vision : [

soryy for the late response , i thought the topic was good but not good enough to put on the movie section  sorry its taking me so long to get back to u but i use to get my emails through my cell phone  but my phone is off so i get everything through my laptop or my computers but the kids be on them all the time lol!


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