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My son is 7 and his homework is this:


Discuss the declining honey bee population and its environment and economical impact.


I think this is so advanced for his class and I wanted to know what others think (I mean, he still laughs at poop!)

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I can tell you this that if there were no honey bees there would be no pollen to make honey or to use the honey in products like tea, cooking, and ice cream. Even though we don't like bee's it helps keep the pollination down.
Did the teacher grab the wrong assignment? Maybe he also teaches high school.

Wow, that's quite a subject for a 7 year old.


I don't think my daughter touched on environmental issues until 7th or 8th grade!

Perhaps the teacher was trying to impress some individual parents by giving advanced assignment to the class as a whole?

My son's (1st) 4th grade teacher had been an 8th grade teacher the year before. (That's why I made my last comment.) The first day they were given so much homework that he worked hard all week but still couldn't get it all done. The spelling list was about right for an 8th grader, but huge for a 4th grader. After talking to the teacher about it a few times that week... he was moved to another class on the next Tuesday. He was one of the best teachers my son ever had!
Sometimes a teacher gets the opposite reaction when he or she tries too hard to make a good start?
I'm sure he had good intentions, That's why I talked to him about getting his work down to a proper level, and gave him some time to get things worked out. But when he was given the same level of work on Monday, I had him in the new class on Tuesday.
I am feeling rather embarrassed having to ask, but I am confused. So... the teacher got switched to another group of students even though he did make necessary changes in his work?

Don't be embarrased! I'm sorry I'm not being very clear.

My son's first teacher did not make the changes. That was my problem with him.

I moved my son out of that class and into another class with a different teacher.

He was at a small school, and parents were sometimes able to choose teachers.

Oh, I see. Thanks. :)

I am curious though and I do hope that my follow-up questions would not sound offensive. Did the teacher change his attitude or teaching plans later on? Or did he hold any grudges against anyone for having a student taken out of his homeroom?  

I'm glad I got it right this time. And I don't mind any questions you might ask.

I'm not sure, but I don't think the teacher changed his plans. And I don't think the problem was really that he had a bad attitude. I think he just thought what he was doing was the right thing, and I'm sure for some kids it was. Just not mine. My son worked very diligently on the work he was given, but if he had stayed in that class I think he probably would have been the one who got a really bad attitude.

Through the years I was at the school quite a lot, both as a parent then as an employee. I saw that teacher regularly, and he was always pleasant... at least on the outside.
I am really relieved to know that your son did not have to endure certain complications caused by the changes. A friend of mine was less fortunate and had to transfer her son to another school. It hurt to see the child beginning to show all signs of bad attitude...


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