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hiya ladies,

well as the title suggests im having trouble with a bully, bit of background, we recently moved to a new house just less than a year ago our prevoius house my eldest daughter grew up in for 8 years had lots of friends and very few problems, i also gre up in the area so i knew a lot of the kids parents and any problems were easily sorted out with each other, but since moving here we are finding it so hard i want to move already, i love my house its a new build and everything i coud hope for.

There is this one boy that always seeks my daughter out to call names, hit, wind up, get other kids to pick on her and its been like this for 10 months now my daughter is 9 this kid 13 and a boy and not a small one at that very overweight compared to my tall skinny 9 yr old i have tried talking to his mum but this just results in him getting a beating and acting the same the next day, i have told our housing officers and they have sent a letter but nothing has changed i have even gone out and shouted at the boy myself and still everything continues im at my wits end i will not keep my daughter from playing outside as she is not the one who should be punished.

anyone have any ideas or suggestions thanks for reading

much love sarah x

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It might be hard to arrange, but would the parents of the bully and the child sit down with you and your daughter over some coffee or tea?

 If you could be-friend these people it might end you daughters torment. I'll admit it won't be easy but if you get to know them you might find out if it's an underlying problem. It probably has nothing to do with your daughter at all. This kid just might be looking for attention he's not getting at home unless its a 'beating'. For some kids any attention, even negative, is better than none at all.

 If you are new around there it probably wouldn't hurt to make some new friends anyway.

 Hope this helps. My son is only 4 and he has already started to by bullied in preschool. kids these days......

thanks for your reply, however making friends with his parents is a deffinate no go, they are just as bad as him for bullying other parents! not the type of people you want to assosiate with. Things have calmed down now but the summer holidays have just started and im not looking forward to it :(

i feel for you and your son, hopefully it can be stopped before it truely takes hold as they are only young and still impressionable? x


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