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I thought maybe we could tell some things about ourselves, so our small community knows each other better. It might even help us know what questions to ask.

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I'll go first. Sorry, I can be very long winded, but here goes...

I've been married for 34 years, and have 2 adult children, one still at home. My daughter is a microbiologist, and my son is a music major. I live near most of my family, and we get together a lot, which I love.

I live on the west coast of the US. I've lived all over California, but right now I'm living near where I was born. I love it. It's hot in the summer, but we have mountains all around us, and we aren't far from the ocean.

I've mostly been an aide in a special ed. class. It's really hard sometimes, but when the kids accomplish something, it makes everything worth it. And some of the kids are so sweet! I'd get lots of hugs! I've been out for awhile because of medical problems, and I miss it.

I'm part of the music scene at the community college here, and we all read the same books and go to movies together. That's how I found out about Twilight. Everybody told me I had to read it, but I was really into Harry Potter, and I didn't think it was my kind of book. Then I saw a trailer for Twilight, and saw that Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) was in it, so I had to see it, but I read the book first. I didn't like it much at the beginning, but by the end of the first few chapters it was pretty good, and by the time I was done I turned right around and read it again. Then I read the other three books in the next two days. Obsession begun!

(Trivia~ The second time I saw New Moon, Sam's (Kiowa Gordon) aunt was there. She didn't know anything about the story, so I filled her in a little bit. That was fun!)
I am 32 years old mother of 2 living in California. I love Twilight, to read, to scrapbook, and to go to the movies. I attend the University of Phoenix and about to graduate in November with my AA in business management. I have been to Guam, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, and Washington D.C. I chose to stay with this website because I think that it's easier to talk and share with people about my crazy obsession of Twilight.

Hi ladies!


I'm a 43 year old, married mom of 3 children, ages 13, 9 and 5. I'll be married 20 years in November to my high school sweetheart.

I'm a letter carrier with the USPS--11 years now. My husband works at the local tire manufacturing plant.

I became Twi-obsessed when my daughter was 10, almost 11 and wanted to read Twilight. I thought I should read it first to make sure it was appropriate. I fell in love instantly! Edward was what every teen dreams of (and every housewife!)

Then I fell in love again when I saw the film. Thus began my Robsession, LOL.

At first I couldn't get past the fact that he was born the year I graduated from High School. But I truly believe he is the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on.

I have mixed feelings as the Saga is coming to an end. Anticipation for the final two films, but sadness in knowing once they're done...they're done. :(

my name is laquever they call me quev lol i am married with two kids and a huge twilight fan i 1st watched the movie 1st funny thing is i didn't want to watch it when the movie came out my dad brought the dvd off the street and watched it he brought it to me and said watch it its good i laughed and throw it on the stand  a year went by and my son said mom watch twilight its good well i told him no then he said mom i'm putting it on so i sat and watched it when it was done i said put it on again lol he looked at me and said wat? i said play it again so he did then hubby came home from work and i said big dady lol that's my nick name for him lol watch this he look at me and said hell no! i said please u gonna like it so he sat down i made his plate and he watched it when it was done he turned to me and said play it again! i laughed and put it on again we watched it and when it was done i asked my son where didall this come from? he said mom its a book so i went on line and ordered all 3 books bd was not out yet ! hubby picked them up for me then i wwent on line and searched to see if there was another movie coming out and found newmoon i showed hubby the trailer and he said we are going to see it lol i started reading twilight then newmoon then eclipse by the way thats my favorite book lol then when i was done i was mad well nov came and two wks after newmoon came out hubby came home and said lets take the kids to school so i said ok we walked them to school and then he said lets go lol he took me to see newmoon i was happy like a kid on x-mas day then he took me to get somthing to eat  lol and we talked about the movie and books then i found midnight sun lol and read that online was upset it wasn't finished then on dec 16th hubby came home from work and said here i opened the bag and it was the spaicel add. of breaking dawn with poster of edward and bella and a muse cd lol i was hooked for life i kept reading them all over and over i couldn't read anything else found this site and was hooked again brought all three dvds and hubby read midnight sun and loved it but he will not read the rest he says edward telling the stroy is better lol i guess its a man thing lol but we took the kids to see eclipse the kids were mad we didn't take them to see newmoon lolwe went on the same day it came out we had a blast but i was kind of up set that yet again they changed so much but hubby loved it lots of action lol we took pics and then went home and watched newmoon then eclipse came out on dvd so now we run all three movies and i brought two copies of each so if one breaks i have another lol also been watching them on showtime lol now can't wait for bd lol ps hubby is undercover twi-dad i catch him hen he think i am sleep watching it on on demand loli am a twi-mom and proud of it......
my son made this for me awhile back enjoy

Find more videos like this on The Twilight Saga

Greetings to all in this forum.  I am a 38 year old, stay at home mother to 4 children.  My eldest daughter is soon to be 20.  I have a 19 year old autistic son named Trent.  Then there's Elizabeth, 12 and Benjamin who is 10.  My Saxony-Marie is currently studying neuro-psychology to better understand how and when autism manifests itself in the brain.

hi guys my name's kelly, i'm 28 and i'm from the UK. i have a little boy Toby who is 7 months old and i have been with my chap for 11 years. Toby sits with me when we watch the twilight films but he doesn't seem interested in them...yet :)

hey all!!

im sarah im 29 (almost 30 urgh lol) im from manchester in the UK, iv got 3 kids shannon 9, elise 4 and jared 15 months, (yes i have a "jared" named by his "non", just to add his middle name is mason, again by dad, he maintains hes not a HUGE twilight fan, i say hes a closet one lol) we have been together 12 years this year and are hoping to get married next year!

i came to love twilight when i saw the first movie (didnt even know it was based on a book, i know how sad) after that first encounter i was hooked read the books about 8 times now and as for the movies iv lost count how many times i watched them my 9 yr old now loves them too, shes just finished reading the first book and some of the questions she came out with was amazing for a 9 yr old to pick up on we have had loads of chats about it them followed by the movies ( no compliaints here haha)

so yeah thats me feel free to send friend invites ( i dont have any, boo hoo for me lol) hope to chat with you all soon xx


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