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Comment by PEI-SUNG FANG on October 13, 2011 at 12:56am
It's almost weekend! Sleeping in, brunch, family day-out, DVD marathon, The whole shebang. Yay!
Comment by Lisa on October 10, 2011 at 10:40am
Happy Monday MUMs hope you all have a wonderful day.
Comment by PEI-SUNG FANG on October 10, 2011 at 4:17am
A good Monday to everyone!
Comment by PEI-SUNG FANG on October 2, 2011 at 9:07pm
A rainy, windy, bumper to bumper, hectic Monday (in my time zone anyways) morning!
Comment by daisy on September 30, 2011 at 2:01pm
Yippee....its the weekend
Comment by daisy on September 30, 2011 at 3:06am
Lol, I'm not a huge fan of Jacob but I prefer him with short hair. I can imagine Renesmee being absolutely stunning at 18, especially Edward being her father.
Comment by PEI-SUNG FANG on September 29, 2011 at 11:03pm

Hi, Daisy

It would be great fun to visualize an eighteen-year-old Renesmee going to school on the back of Jacob's huge black motorcycle and Jacob (long-haired and HUGE--in my mind) hovering near to intimidate any potential suitors.

Comment by daisy on September 29, 2011 at 12:26pm
Hi Nyclaire

I'll start with Renesmee, I don't think she will go to any school till she is about 18ish. She'll be home schooled till then.

As for your son, I wouldn't worry too much, he'll pick up on that and probably get worse with his tidyness issues (though I've no experience or ever heard of his disorser) My son is considered to be gifted in academic subjects, particularly maths, science & English, yet he is forgetful and untidy. He gets commented on his bad handwriting and messy study books but his grades are brilliant so I try not to see it as a huge problem. I just think, I can never read any doctors writing, lol. Pressure is felt by kids/teens very intensely, support at home is more important then the schools gratification. Hope you find a balance between that for your sons happiness. My son has been very capable beyond his years from an early age and at times that has made me want to push him to excel even further, I've learned that his happiness is much more important then anything. I've learned that if he is happy wanting to be a train driver then why should I push him to be a brain surgeon. Happiness is worth more then success....
Comment by Anne W Clarke on September 29, 2011 at 10:20am

In Breaking Dawn, when Bella discovers her "nudger" and when she first holds Nessie are priceless. Then she worries about Nessies growth. I wish that the story would continue as Nessie grows up.

My daughter is now 11 going on 21. It would be nice to see how Bella deals with parenthood.

Comment by nycmaire on September 26, 2011 at 6:27pm

Hi Vampi! Saw your post. I too have similar issues with neatness..

You won't believe how busy I am with my son, who is 11 and attends Middle School, how much my hands are full of himm and whet i NEED TO DO TO HELP HIM AS ANY GOOD mOTHER WOUILD. (oops..sorry). 

My son started Middle School for "gifted" children. It is in the city; he has to commute by bus and subway every day. It's been a hard transition not just socially but also academically.

My son is a mess when it comes to neatness. Some people say that it's "normal"; he is a just turned 11 year old boy. Others say that he is a mess bcos he is a "genius". Still others, professionals, claim that my son has something called "Executive Skills Disorder" which means that he cannot stay neat, organized, he loses EVERYTHING! (once he lost his do you lose a pair of shoes?!!). I had him tested for ADHD, dyslexia, etc. I hate labels but there is something wrong with my son."Executive Skills Disorder! Pfft! But it is real and needs to be addressed. He was getting occupational therapy at his grade school but I worried about this new school; why would these little artistic brainiacs need extra help? His grades aren't the best; he cannot manage to hand things in on time or in aneat fashion. His grammar & handwriting are a mess. I wondered how he got into this wonderful school in the city. If he can make it through, he can choose any college he wants to go to  by the end of 8th grade. All the NYC Specialized Schools have seats for Manhattan East graduates; it is very difficult to get accepted to one of the specialized schools if the applicant hasn't had a solid backround and the intelligence. My niece & nephew both were not able to get into any of the NYC specialized schools despite a prep class that the family must pay for and extra tutoring (my niece by a Harvard Math professor). Neither of them got into any of the schools. So, you see my fear that bcos Brendan is so messy & sloppy at home & school, that he won't make it.One big factor is that NYC decided to include a grade on neatness, organization, etc into the academic grade. It's called a work ethic rubric and I do not think they should average that grade in with academic grades. But that is the case for now. So I decided to take some pro-action. I talked with the Higher-Ups at his school.  Well, his school assured me that bright children often cannot do simple tasks as they are always thinking outside the box. Manhattan East never kicks children out; they offer a multitude of help for the struggling student. But they won't let the student go unless the student wants to leave or has to leave for whatever moving away. The school told me that Brendan will be continuing 2x/week with Occupational Therapy, he will attend Math & English tutoring every Tues/Thurs afternoon and will also get him a Peer Tutor, someone who has had the same teachers as Brendan and can advise him on how to pass his classes. It really is bad in math; the teacher is a nazi psycho. She has failed my son every day since school started just bcos it's not neat. She has crazy standards that no "normal" child could possibly achieve. I myself am very strict about neatness..I grew up in Irish Catholic Schools but I cannot get Brendan to be least neat enough to satisfy the math teacher.(more on her another time..she is my nemesis...and my son's teacher.). All the things that have been offered to my son for help with is problem just start this week. As you can imagine, I am worried to death.

I thank all of you for listening; this anxiety over my son & his neatness issues have really scared me. I don't want him to fail, to be ostracized in front of the class (Math teacher told my son & one other student that they always get zeroes, what's wrong with you? And the other children could hear her say it. She also told them on the 1st day of school that his class is notorious for being dead last compared to the other classes and that there must be a curse on his class. WTHeck?!!! Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind.

Trying to keep my son neat or teaching him to be neat has been ongoing since he was 4 years old. When Brendan was younger, I wouldn't let him go on to the next thing that he wanted to do unless he tidied up whatever he was doing before he could go on to the next activity. I think being in a nursery school environment helped..The small class (including 1 & 2nd grade children) always helped each other take care of their classroom as a collective effort (not to much strain or guilt on any one child.). Also I noticed that if I really start to clean the house, Brendan cannot escape; I enlist his help once i have him cornered. Another thing that used to work is that I sang "clean-up" songs..."We always clean up, clean up we like to do our share, we like to clean up clean up cos you know we really care.." songs like that & also songs your son might like that will motivate him. For Brendan, if I played the Star Wars theme music as well as other music that got him "jumping" I would focus him on taking care of his mess or the music would go off. Today, things are so different. What I have to do; I have no choice, is to "police" my son's every movement, or lack thereof until he gets it done..or breaks down crying. I tried everything: punishment: no video games, no TV, no going out until he cleans up after himself. I only make a dent but it's something. It also drains me of the little energy I have from my illnesses making me fatigued all the time. 

Sometimes policing works He doesn't like me breathing down his neck..esp now that he is a "grown up NYC Commuter" lol. I can't have my eye on him all the time...he also goes to his GMother's to avoid me & my rules. He just leaves school and by passes the stop for our apartment & continues to his GMa's house. That has to stop.

All I can say to you, Vampi, is that you are on the right track (rewards/punishments). And you should count your lucky stars that you don't have to deal with a situation like the one I find myself in with my child, lol. If I think of anything else that might help you, I will post it. You know I care about you...I love children and all the mothers here are fantastic. Just being here shows that you care..and that's more than half the battle.

I told my son's story bcos I need help/suggestions too. Granted, he has this "disorder" but that doesn't mean he/we can hide behind it. No! But it is a fact that he has a problem  & I need to help my child. Any and all advice is welcome.

Good luck, Vampi. You're going to need it! lol. (It's not that'll see)

And back on a Twilight note: What kind of school do you Gals think Renesmee will attend, what kind of girl will she be..I mean, after she runs with the about staying neat & clean, lolol :D


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