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OMG! Im pretty sure alot of you have heard Christina Perri's song A Thousand Years. If not go to to watch the Lyric Video, but to watch the music video go to buut why havent you seen it yet? and if you did what were thoughts? I would like to know (: She's amazing and this is the perfect song for any love story.            

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I love that songs, its so beautiful and fits the story line perfectly

I completely agree. The words were perfectly made for the film...*sighs*

yes. this song is so relaxing... and yet it gives me the goosebumps when i listen to it <3 and did you guys know? christina's a twihard. yup. she even has a tatoo to prove it :) she said that while reading the books, this song was slowly writing itself in her head. 

A Thousand Years is my most Favourite, it brings me to tears when I hear it. I think is was a most appropriate song for the movie.

It is a beautiful song.  There are many songs that could represent the Twilight characters. 


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