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i do!! :D

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ugh i love My Love(: !! Im practicing on my vocals so i can sing it for a recitle when school starts(: Hmm a sheet music, ill see if i can get one for you.
i love it!!!! I am actually listening to it at this very minute. i think my fave songs on there are metric eclipse(all yours) and neutron star collision by muse
nice songs :D

I love all the twilight soundtracks and the Eclipse soundtrack is no exception. I liked all the songs but a few favorites are: 'Heavy in Your Arms' by Florence + The Machine, 'My Love' by Sia, 'Chop and Change' by The Black Keys, 'Rolling in on a Burning Tire' by The Dead Weather and one of my absolute favorites 'With You in My Head' by UNKLE. It is definitely a fantastic soundtrack.

i agree with you entirely! i just cant stop listening to the soundtrack. when i watch the movie i accidently blurt out the name of the song n ppl start looking at me weird lol
Yeah! I absolutley adore My Love by Sia! I have half the list in my phone. I am still looking for more though.
yes, eclipse soundtrack is the best,specially, my love by sia.

i LOVE it! i think its awesome!

I love it!! It was absolutly fantastic. My top 2 though would have to be My Love by Sia and Heavy Heart by Florence + Machine. It was such a disapointment to find Heavy Heart in the credits. It took my several times of watching Eclipse to even notice it. And I hate how All Yours by Metric had messed up subtle in the credits. It had the wrong lyrics at some points when it was clearly something else. But I love all the music. 
love it!


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