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Ok now me and my friend have been haveing an arguement.We need your help.

Whitch song is better?

A) Supermassive Black Hole- MUSE
B) Decode- Paramore

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this is a harder decision because i love them both-Decode is the first song on my playlist and idid this very intentionally- not to mention i know the song by heartand i sing it in my head while i work(the 7 dwarfs have nothing on paramore-LOL)suppermassive black hole is also on my playlist-the beat gets me going and i like the twilight video for this song to and not to mention its one of my favorite sceans in the movie(i love lightning and thunder now and love baseball now to-LOL)
Cool. Thx
WELL.....both of them are good to me..i mean all of the songs in Twilight are the best....but i will choose Decode over supermassive black hole because i think decode says something about the relationship of edward and bella......
gah!! very hard decision... both are good songs. i have to say decode is a better song.
It's really hard decision but I'll choose Supermassive Black Hole!
I would have to supermassive black hole it's one of my favs
sorry - i really can't decide i like both songs
i fink paramores decode is better coz hayley sings bout how bella feels in twilight
sort of
x x x
i love both but i would say that decode by paramore is better
Well in my opinion, I think umm super massive black hole. But then I change my mind. So I would put a public vote for that :D
Both of theme are Awsone LOL,cant pick one =)
Decode in my opinion. But I don't know if that's because I've been a Paramore fan for a long time before Twilight or not.


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