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wich music u liked more twilight sound traks or new moon sound rtaks ???

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so far the twilight soundtrack XD
haha i still like the twilight soundtrack :D
Twilight Soundtrack
well new moon sound track was good..but it dosent compare with twilight..
Twilight much better..
I like both soundtacks!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the twilight sountrack better than new moon because rob does one of his own songs and I love all the songs on it but on new moon there's only a certain few I really get into possibility is my fav
i love them both but i think i would actually have to say that i like the new moon soundtrack and score better than the twilight soundtrack and score. (but don't get me wrong they are both amazing!)
Id have to say the Twilight soundtrack more because Rob sings on it and just because whenever i listen to it,it takes me back in to the film,so to speak. :p although i do like New Moon aswell.My only fav´s so far are Possibility and Roslyn. :D
i lyk them both but personaly i prefer the twilight sountrack coz its got paramore n linkin park on it n they r 2 of my favourite bands plus rob sings on it n i luv him sooo much
x x x
i haven't heard the new moon sound track but it is most likely better, but twilight had really good music too.
new moon is da best so far nd my absolute favourites are "roslyn" and "possibility" those are songs to cry 4....


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