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Dear Twihards and Twilighters,lately I'm seeing bad comments about Twilight on Twilight soundtrack songs.Shall we show them what power we have and delete them?

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I totally agree about the hate.

I made a discussion here about it.

I am mocked for being a twihard.

I tend to try and ignore it, but people hate without a cause.

they are scared by what they don't understand, like dogs with fireworks or mirrors, so they try and mask that fear with aggression.

oh, well.

So true.But u know why they hate it?Beacuse they're those bullies who bullied Bella.

excuse me?

unjust twilight haters

here is my discussion

Twilight books & Movies saga have delighted people the world over, brought people together in life long friendships due to their interest in this wonderful story of forbidden but innocent love .

It doesn't matter that people will try to spoil it for the devoted fans, ignore the negative comments and just enjoy the books, movies, coventions with all the people who are Twilight fans.



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