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Eclipse - The best film yet? (warning, may contain film spoilers for those who haven't seen it)

So now us Brits have the opportunity to see Eclipse, I was wondering what people thought about it. Here is my opinion, I thought it was BRILLIANT! I was expecting it to be ok but disappointing, however, I was blown away. Of course they can't cram everything detail from the book into the film but I felt that they really did it justice. 


I do have some slight niggles such as when Bella leaves Edward at school and jumps on Jacob's bike leaving him there like a stuffed lemon. I just don't think she'd ever do that in the book. But I do feel that it is by far the best film out of the 3 and they have set the bar high for Breaking Dawn.


Would love to know what you think. Is there anyone that didn't enjoy it or felt that it was a let down?

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i havent seen the film yet . but cant wait to ! eclipse is my fav book and i really lookin forward to seein it
You should go and see it as soon as you can. Sorry if I've let anything slip out (although there have been enough scenes leaked on here!). I'll be going back a few times!
Well not seeing the any of the clips, I thought that Bella jumped on the back of Jacobs bike and left Alice looking like a stuffed lemon... once again it aint right. :(
I also found myself bouncing out of my chair at a few, like the engagement scene. Think its my favouite so far but no doubt it'll change when I go again. Might even the hubby to go again, he really does have a thing for Alice now :)
omg i jst saw it its amazinn
You know I didn't really notice. Of course you know its a different person but I was so into the film it hadn't occured to me. But thinking about it now, I think she might have been more evil, for want of a better word. Think Bryce wasn't dark enough, if you know what I mean :/
Maybe you'll enjoy it more 2nd time around. I had prepared myself for many more changes than there were which is maybe why I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I will also be going for a 2nd (and probably 3rd) viewing soon.
i LOVED eclipse the best one yet!! my fella really enjoyed it aswell, he would like to see it again!!! i wasnt disappointed at all, every aprt of it i loved and kept my attention...could edward be any fitter!!!!!!!
Ah, Mr P. He was hot, hot, hot! I was nice see him featured at lot more again (the downside to New Moon).
i loved how they dressed him to look younger like in twilight...dont get me wrong i liked the suits but i prefer his clothes in eclipse mmmmmm yummy :)
I hear you on taking the films for what they are. I'd seen Twilight before the reading the book and really enjoyed it. I think that MR needs a slap for chaning the screen play so much but I think you're right. Just enjoy for the films for what they are. I do have a question for you though, do you think we'd ever get a tv series once the films are finished!? Then they'd be no excuse for cutting stuff out!!!!!
love it
how cringy
no need to shout!


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