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Eclipse - The best film yet? (warning, may contain film spoilers for those who haven't seen it)

So now us Brits have the opportunity to see Eclipse, I was wondering what people thought about it. Here is my opinion, I thought it was BRILLIANT! I was expecting it to be ok but disappointing, however, I was blown away. Of course they can't cram everything detail from the book into the film but I felt that they really did it justice. 


I do have some slight niggles such as when Bella leaves Edward at school and jumps on Jacob's bike leaving him there like a stuffed lemon. I just don't think she'd ever do that in the book. But I do feel that it is by far the best film out of the 3 and they have set the bar high for Breaking Dawn.


Would love to know what you think. Is there anyone that didn't enjoy it or felt that it was a let down?

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Okay here's my take on the film, but please don't hate me. This is my opinion, and in no particular order, I type them as I think of them.

Personally I thought it was the weaker of the three films so far. Now I loved the book but once again Melissa ruined it.

Gaping holes, huge errors and costume, makeup and hair was all wrong.

Peter's hair.... I mean what the hell had they done with it, infact what had they done with all their hairs. It was also glaring obvious when it came to the tent scene that they had done the reshoot, because Rob's hair was different.

Kristen's eyebrows they kept changing shape, shame her face didn't do the same, expressionless as usual, apart from one part when she was with her mother. Probably the only time she actually put some expression into her acting.

What happened to Edward sparkling it was fairly sunny and the sparkles were inconsistent.

Dialogue that was for one character from the book was said by another in the film.

Huge chunks missing like the bed and the reason why it was there in the first place, she should have been angry with Edward.

How come Edward just turned up, there was no scene where Bella phoned him to tell him that she'd broken her hand. The angry Edward was just not right, He was quiet and menacing in the book, didn't think that was how it was portrayed.

Bella's cast disappeared off her hand when they were camping. Should have been on.

Bryce was so not Victoria... don't need to say anymore on that, I think you know where I'm coming from on that one.

Of course the bike scene, which I think we all agree on was just two scenes from the book cut into one and it didn't work.

The thing with the Volutri was bizarre.

The proposal was rushed.

It was amazing that Edward suddenly had black eyes, when he needed to feed, yet they couldn't do that for him in New Moon.

The graduation party was also nothing like the book.

I'm sure I'll think of more, but these are for starters.

Things I did like in the movie... the beginning was pretty great, Xavier's acting was really good, lots of facial expressions.

The fight scenes, and the scene with Alice and Jasper was really sweet.

Having said that the company I had to see the film was EXCELLENT!!!!
I understand your issues with the film and the wigs in particular did seem bad in this film. I just don't understand why they keep bringing back MR to write the screenplays. She needs the boot but someone must be rooting for her.
Yes Tizzy I don't understand either, like most of us, really but it seems Stephenie has bonded with her so we are were we are with it. I don't hold out much hope for BD to be done right either which is even more disappointing. Yes I suppose I'll drag my behind there to see it and still complain. Nature of the beast when it comes to trying to get a film out of a book, because no one will ever be happy about it. The limit to time is always the critical factor. :( They obviously don't realise that as Twi fans we would sit through at least more than 2 hours to just to watch it. I mean they spend enough time filming it and there would be reams of the stuff lying on the cutting room floor, so why not just put it in and give the fans what we've paid for?
Do you think we'd ever get a TV series after BD comes out? That way they'd have not excuse not to stay true to the books and can incorporate Edward and other characters POV! We've had it with Terminator, Blade and others (although the names escape me at the moment).
I loved this one out of all three. Im just upset that there will be such a HUGE break between This one and BD.
Im going agin to see it for a third time, of on friday. x
Yes, we've been lucky so far and this break between the films will kill me!
Ah, call yourself a mate! You're killing me :)
i hated it

Some things did my head in like:
What happend to Bella saying to Edward fight for me?
Bella in pain over Jacob?
Riley from Forks??
HER FRICKING WIG!! tho sumtyms is looked passable as normal hair.
The new Victoria was wierd would of been better with the old one and her voice was too squeaky then what i had in mind.
The bike thing just made Edward look real sad so i felt sad not annoyed.
How cocky Jacob was! hence why I dont like him as such.
The way that Bella found out it was Victoria! it didnt make it all that dramatic like the book so boo to that.

Enough of my moaning

The BEST bits:
Edwards bedroom scene ;)
The fight at the end!
Chasing Victoria because Emmet looked fineeee aha
The "sex" talk :')
and everything else i never moaned about.

I knew it was gonna be different then the book but i'm not disappointed (not like HP6) even though it looks like i am lol

This is really long I'm sorry and for moaning about nearly all the film but I'm just happy its out and i can't wait for the dvd which i hope comes out xmas (i want a twilight xmas)
again sorry it's long
Back to back Twilight at Christmas. Me thinks a PJ day armed with a bottle of wine (or whatever's your fancy) and all 3 DVD's will most certainly be happening :)
Well my mum went to see it on Wednesday and she said she was disappointed in it. :( She preferred New Moon too! Maybe it really has something to do with the directing or script. I'm sorry I can't say I liked it as much as New Moon, even though Eclipse is my favourite book. I just think they didn't do justice to it. Apparently S Meyer didn't like some of the scenes either from an interview I read, so what is anyone supposed to think if the author didn't like her own stuff being acted out :~(


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