The Twilight Saga

Who's read/watched it??


What do think of it ??


What's better??



I love Harry Potter as much as twilight and that's alot lol


Here you can talk about the books, films and the new films due!!!!



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I keep watching and reading stuff about it like I did for New Moon :))

The next film is going to be 3 hours long!!!

i hope breaking dawn is :DDD
that would be amazing!!!!

3 hours of Edward/Rob and Taylor not Jacob LOL TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!
I went to see it in year 7 and i was like :O all the way threw!!

As i've said before I only started reading after I read Twilight and after all them books I had one book and that was The half-blood prince and I 've been hooked since :))

In a way I kinda ruined it coz I asked my friends who died and stuff but that was when I didnt read for the sake of it lol

I just hope they do the book justice!! there's so much you need to understand to get the whole story and if they miss bits out I will moan!! I did watching The 6th film and my friends was like now you know how I felt after every film lol. I think in 3 hours it will be alot so that sounds good atleast.

Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life I'm like the same age as the actors and looking back just reminds me of Xmas, family, friends and my teenage years

Will be so gutted watching the last ever film next year :'(

But J.K.Rowling did did say she might write another one but not now so fingers crossed for a nexted one (like midnight sun!!)

If everyone keeps going on about it to her she wont do it people need to shhhhh for awhile as bad as we all want it LOL!!!
Bought my Deathly Hallows part one ticket tody for the 20 th
i love Harry Potter, i have read the first 3 harry potter books and have seen all the films up to now, cant wait for the next one. the twilight saga is better than harry potter i think.


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