The Twilight Saga

Lets see how many brits surpport Edward or Jacob!!


Put down your "team" and why.


For me it has to be Team Edward! Who doesn't want a strong, ott beautiful, sparkly boyfriend haha. I just think I'd go for a more mature person as the character Edward is. Plus Rob is very nice to look at  haha :)


Don't get me wrong I like Jacob (and Taylor for that matter) but the charater Bella who is described as middle aged in her teens going for someone immoture just wouldn't work I think.


So get disscussing people!!!



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I'm Team Switzerland! I have to admit that I think Bella and Edward are made for each other. And who wouldn't want Edward as their huband. But also believe that if vampires and werewolves didn't exist, Bella and Jacob would have been really good for each other. I love Jacob and do feel for him when Bella keeps hanging on and giving him a little hope. I know he brings it on himself sometimes but its hard not to feel for him. Have to admit that if I were in Bella's shoes, Edward would be my man :)
Team Bella!! lol

I love both Edward and Jacob, they are both such brilliant characters and Bella is seriously lucky to have both in her life! I can't choose lol
defo team edward he's just the perfect guy theres no question about it lol although i do feel sorry for jacob when bella keeps letting him down and breaking his heart but not intentionally....who wouldnt want to be with EDWARD CULLEN!!!! and robert of course :)
Even though Edward is cool, I am most certainly Team Jacob because Jacob didn't leave and was there for Bella. He also doesn't try to make her coose which Edward kinda does a little. Jacob is also very much alive ;) and warm, so I think it would be much better to get a hug from Jacob because if Edward hugged you it would just be like hugging a cold statue or something. Also, I must say, I do have a thing for guys with dark hair and I like brown eyes :)
Nope I'm team Rob! LOL! Gotta keep up the unswerving loyalty for a Brit actor! :)
i am definatly team edward...that smile wow!!!! i love how he will do anything for bella and the way he looks at her.....i do like jacob dont get me wrong but edward wins it everytime.

its not just an edward thing - rob is the most gorgeous actor out there and well what more can i say :)
Team Edward because Edward and Bella are meant to be together. i was nearly on team switzerland, i love jacob too
Team Edward but my friend says shes team Jedward (Jacob and Edward)
Team Edward <3 x my daughter Stephanie is Team Jacob x

I am team jasper because hes amazingly beautiful!

I HATE jacob and edward.

robert poattison is ugly and a bad actor, Taylor laughtner is soooo chessy and i dont like guys that are muscly! call ,e wierd but i hate them and twilight :P

Edward. Because he's just selfless and lovely. I could write more but I don't have time :(


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