The Twilight Saga

This is where you can talk about the book!!


What do you think of it??

Did you exspect the things to happen that where in there??

Do you still feel sad for Bree even though we all no she dies??


Chat awayyyyyyy


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It was a lovely read, I really enjoyed it. I liked the insight into the newborn army which you don't get to read in Eclipse. I just wish Bree didn't follow her heart and had gone with Freaky Fred. But then she was in love with Diego and wanted to see him and leave the newborns with him instead. Still at least it's a few less vampires feeding of the human race, LOL.
Can't say I've read it, and I dont think I will. Purely because Stephenie let us down by not doing Midnight Sun.

Plus I did have a quick look at it while shopping, and noticed the font is so much bigger. I'm sure if she resized the font it wouldn't take up half as many pages.

Just take a look at all the books, its amazing how the font gets bigger with each book, if anyone hasn't noticed ;o)
The font is always bigger in Hard backs anyway isn't I thought anyway.
Midnight Sun will get finished eventually, we just have to be patient.
Bree is a very easy read but gives a good insight in parts of how the Cullens can be viewed by other vampires, I thought it was good if not a little too short
The font gets bigger from Twilight onwards, and has nothing to do with the fact that Breaking Dawn is in hardback.
hhmm, i'm not so sure but you seem to be.
Maybe it's because a few more older ladies are reading it & they may not have their reading glasses with them.
I really enjoyed it even though I didn't expect to. I was also fustrated that SM hasn't finished Midnight Sun but I will take any new material (books or films) that feed by TTS habit. It was good to see the vampire thing from a non-Cullen POV. I feel that she left the Fred door open for anothe spin off. Happy to take more but would prefer Midnight Sun to be next.


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