The Twilight Saga

Who watches it and what do you think about it??????


I read the book before I knew it was going to be a tv program but I think the program is sooooooo much better then the book. I found the book really boring and long to explain things but I'm always on the edge of my seat when I'm watching it!!!!!!!


I obvs love Stephan but there's something about Damon that I love too!!!

Kinda like twilight but more action and gore :))))



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I think that both the book and the show are boht good in their own ways. Personally I prefer the book but that's just me because I usually do like books better than tv show or movies :)

i was like right up next to my laptop!!
it looks sooooooooooooooo good

and they are both realli fit lol
I haven't read the books & have only just started watching the second series. Am enjoying it though so I will watch series 1 online. Have also started to watch True Blood. I like them both but they're very different to Twilight & I don't think either of them captures the extraordinary love between Bella & Edward.
I know what you mean but The vampire diaries is so different to twilight which is good because seeing the same kinda thing would be boring!!

Twilight is good for a love story and the vampire diaries is good for more action and more vampires that are good and bad

I love both the same so i don't care
Sexy vampires FTW!! lol
I was never interested in watching it, as I'm a hard core Buffy fan and thought it was a rip off from that lol
but my sister in law LOVES it, so got me to watch a few episodes and I'm actually getting into it now, unfortunatly missed the whole of season 1 though but I'm still enjoying it lol
Must admit I never saw much of series 1 either but series 2 is def growing on me. Have just bought the first book so that will be an interesting read as I've heard a few people say that the book is so different to the TV show. Will let you know my verdict after I've finished.
I am team delena I totally love Damon.
Season 3 is the best so far amazing .

I read the first book and thought it was rather boring to be honest !

Hi, I tried reading the book and watching the series, I just couldn't get in to any of them. As modern day vamp stuff go's it just didn't appeal.

The book and show have their differences and so does the plot. I like them both beacause they are to do with vampires but beacause making vamp diaries into a series is, in my opinion, a hard thing to do so overall the book and the tv series is great. Also because that way you know who the characters are being played by making the book have more influence on the picture it makes in your head! :)


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