The Twilight Saga

I know this series is old but it is still my favorite vamp series ever! (and that means alot considering how much I love Twilight and Vampire Diaries)


Anyways, here is a place to discuss and post everything Buffy related...Pictures, comments, talk about the comics and the new (Joss-less) Buffy movie (blegh).


And all votes count!

Which is the better couple? Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Spike? (I will tally the votes after a while to see who wins and then I'll change the question) 

So far Buffy and Angel are in the lead with 3votes

Buffy and Spike are far behind with zero votes.


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He'd be pretty good. Not a fan of the show, I watch the interviews though.


You know the guy who plays Xander has a twin brother? Haha. I just discovered that.

lol i heard rumors that the Buffy movie is cancelled or at least been put on hold. I think it had something to do with them firing the new director!

Oh wow really? Haha

I say Buffy & Angel make a good couple !!!! CarolIceVampireLe Comte


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