The Twilight Saga

I know this series is old but it is still my favorite vamp series ever! (and that means alot considering how much I love Twilight and Vampire Diaries)


Anyways, here is a place to discuss and post everything Buffy related...Pictures, comments, talk about the comics and the new (Joss-less) Buffy movie (blegh).


And all votes count!

Which is the better couple? Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Spike? (I will tally the votes after a while to see who wins and then I'll change the question) 

So far Buffy and Angel are in the lead with 3votes

Buffy and Spike are far behind with zero votes.


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Oh, I forgot, I vote for Buffy and Angel ^_^

Buffy! Love Buffy! I love Buffy, and Spike. But Spike and Dru are a better couple...


So Buffy and Angel.


Does anyone else think Angel is a better actor when he has no soul?

you know bad boys always look sexier but yes it was better when he had a soul
Haha :)
I agree. Gotta love a bad boy. Think thats why I like Spike so much. lol

Spike is so different.. I always question whether or not he has a soul...


But Spike is my favorite.

Buffy quote:

"Alright, yes, date.. and shop and hang out and go to school and save the world from unspeakable demons. You know...I wanna do girly stuff"-Buffy
Anyone here heard of the new Buffy movie? Its supposed to be coming next year. Any thoughts on who you would cast as the characters? I'm still not sure if I should go see the movie.
I don't know, Buffy is so amazing, I don't get why they have to re-do it, though I probably will see it. I know he's all Stefan and everything, but I think Paul Wesley would be a great Angel.

I really agree there :) I keep thinking that every time I watch Vampire Diaries ^-^


Unfortunatly I've heard rumors that it wont even include the onld characters like Willow and Xander which I think will really really suck big time. I know I will probably end up going to see it anyway :D Just to see what its like.

Yeah. Willow, gah I can live without Xander, but why dump Willow? Haha. But I'm wondering who would be a good Giles now that I think about it...

That's a good question. I'm not sure what the guys name is but he's the lead character in House. Alot of people have said he would be good. But I dont watch the show so I'm not sure.


The other day I watch a show where the guy who plays Xander was playing a creepy rapist. It put me off Xander completely lol. But you are right, No Willow and no Giles is a serious problem.


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