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if the vampires really exist until now..and accidentally you fall in love with a vampire..what would you do?

if vampires really exist and accidentally you fall in love with a vampire that you do not know..what would you do?will you be afraid of him/her?would you still accept him/her?would you still love him/her?

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Well I believe love overpowers every other emotion, and if I was in love with him, it wouldn't change my feelings for him. I loved him before I knew, which would mean he already was one, so it wouldn't matter to me. As long as we both loved one another...
that's a really intriguing question. I think i would have my guards up but love goes above all and how can you resist a vampires pure beauty and dazzling smile. what also attracks me is the fact that once a vampire finds the one he' s meant to be with he stays with her/him so you can't do anything else but be hooked on the guy. so to be with him forever and ever is the only option then.
1.I would be afraid
2.yes i would accept him
3.yes i would still love him
I think i would be scared for the first couple days, but if I really love him, i would probably stay with him
I'd probably be scared of my vampire boyfriend, because I know he could easily come up to me and drink all my blood like an animal. But I'd still be happy, since it's the unlikely romance I've always been fantasizing of. I would probably ask him to bite me someday; human life can be really boring. But I'd still try to try to treat him as humanly as possible, and not to expose his identity as a vampire while we're dating. I'd always love him, unconditionally and irrevecobally.
I would love him even more knowing that he acctually told me I cant wait to meet my vampire princ charming -sighs romanticly-
I would be afriad at first like for a minute but i would still accept him and keep his secret. I'll ask him a whole bunch of vampire questions, we'll watch vampire movies and then he'll TRANSFORM me into a vampire ^_^
of course i would love him/accept him!!! i might be a bit afraid of what hes capable of at first but if our love is true i will get over the fear quickly. & i would ask him to bit me so that we can be together allways!!!!!!
I would definitely stay with him. I'll probably get scared when i first find out but once i assimilate what he said...if i was really in love with him when i thought him human,,,that feeling is not going to change because of that.


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