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if the vampires really exist until now..and accidentally you fall in love with a vampire..what would you do?

if vampires really exist and accidentally you fall in love with a vampire that you do not know..what would you do?will you be afraid of him/her?would you still accept him/her?would you still love him/her?

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i guess i will be afraid at first.but i would still accept him.and i would still fall for him even if he's a vampire.
ofcourse i'll b scared at 1st bt i wont care abt my life if he has d same feeling... i'll force him 2 transform me if he's hesitant...and aft dat marry him!
I supplie cause I want they transformed me !
i would be a little scared for like the first few seconds but id get over it. then i would ask if he could bite me so we's could be vampires for eber and eber. lol.
hmmmm.....if i find out the guy i'm in love with is a vampire..... lets see....
i'd totally freak out, go home, and scream into my pillow!!! lol !!! and i'll keep loving him!

in my defense through everything i've seen, vampire's are really nice and sweet!
If he was as cool as Any of the Cullen...............I would love him til the death of me(literally)
I would love him for who he is and I'll never turn my back on him. I would always be by his side even in a dagerous situation.
i would love with all my heart ANDsoul!
i would accept him for what he is...
ever thought of having a half vamp-half wolf offspring....
Erm.. Yeah i WOULD!
I would jump up and down and tell him to Bite ME!!!!!!!!!!! And love him 100000%.
I'm in 1001% in that!


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