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There is this vampire named Lestat from an Anne Rice series called "The Vampire Lestat". He is also in "Interview with the Vampire". If you have never read these books then look them up you vampire lovers.

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Well now I know someone else that knows them cause everyone always askes me what I am reading and I tell them The Vampire Lestat and they have no clue what that is. So thank you.
I know what you mean, and no one knows who or what I'm talking about when I try to explain.
Hi Hailey & Kelly! Yes, I love the movie Lestat, Interview with A Vampire and Queen of The Damn as well. I can't get enough of the story and background from Anne Rice's character Lestat! Also, the actors that played Lestat did an awesome job. They left you with the urge of seeking out to see if Vampires truly exist? I love the question. Thanks for remembering such an awesome, talented, and powerful vampire.... He is simply breathless in my soul.....
You cannot call yourself a true vampire lover if you don't know who Lestat is. And I don't mean from the movies, You have to read the books to really know him. And he is wonderful.


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