The Twilight Saga

“Edward!” I heard Alice yelling cheerfully to Edward.
Edward jumped to Alice’s side in less then a second.
“Yes, Alice,” Edward replied.
“Edward, Renessme’s 13th birthday is coming and I was wondering if I could “kidnap” Renessme just for 2 days. We will stay in the city of Forks.”
“I must talk to Bella,” Edward starts to walk away.
“Honey?” I hear Edward calling my name.
“Yes, Edward what is it?” I felt dizzy. Thinking something happened.
I walked a little bit fast from a human, but I land in front of Edward.
“My love, Alice wants to take Renessme out to the city of Forks for two days.
“That is great, Renessme will have fun and she will have I great time,” I said cheerfully to Edward.
Edward and I together to find Renessme to tell her the great news.
We knocked on Renessme pink and sliver bedroom door.
“Nessi, Aunt Alice will be taking you for your birthday to the city of Forks I yelled through the door.”
“Will that be alright?” I heard Edward say behind me still hold hands with Edward.
“Yah,” Renessme running out of her bedroom door trying to find Alice in the maze of the house.
“I guess she really wants to go,” I turn towards Edward.
The next day, Renessme was packing her bag with Alice’s help of course. I was hugging Renessme very tightly as she was going to Alice’s yellow Porsche.
“Alice. What are we going to do in Forks?”
“Nessi, we will be shopping of course.” Alice cranking up the radio.
As we got to the hotel room I grabbed my phone and start to text Jacob.
“Hey are you there”
“Oh, hey nessi, i was just working on fixing up some cars”
“ I,” REPLIED “ DON’T GET over your head.”
“Renessme ,“I hear Alice calling my name.
I say bye to Jacob.
“Yes, Alice”
‘Nessi, I thought we are to go and shop.”
Alice and I was walking out of Macy’s when I saw Jacob. I ran up to him hugging him that felt for ever.
Just then Alice grabbed my hand and took me away from my love.
“Honey, she said “I am will you to go with Jacob to shop, but please be careful. Please remember that I can not see you or Jake in my visions.
One hour later I was trying on some dress on for my Junior Prom in the summer. (I bet you all think that I am taking Jake, I am.) Jake got a call on his phone so he left the shop for ten minutes.
“Yes, Um No not today I am with Nessie,” I said back into the mouth piece of my cell phone.
I hung up and walked in to the dress shop looking for Renessme. I looked everywhere and I could not find her. I ran up and down the streets calling her name “Nessi, Renessme!!!!!”
I thought to myself what if something could have happened; I know she is strong, what could I do?”
I came up with one idea, to go to Alice.
As I got there Alice asked me “Where’s Nessi,” in a worried voice.
“She disappeared and I was on the phone. I ran in the dress shop, calling her name in the street and I don’t know where she is,” I cried worried.
“NO! HOW COULD YOU, I CAN’T SEE HER. SHE CAN BE ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! I hear Alice yelling in my ears.
We both ran to the Cullen’s and told them what had happened. Rose jumped from her seat, Carlisle getting ready to find Nessi, Bella crying next to Edward, Edward trying to keep a strait face, Jasper trying to calm Bella down, Emmet was flying off the walls “ Lets do this thing” Esme standing still.
We then all ran out and spilt out in to groups. I was going by myself,
I was starting to cry when I couldn’t find any trace of Nessi.
Just then I hear a cry for help, “AHHHHHHHHH!!!” I ran to the fastest speed I could do.
I ran in to this alley way, when I saw a little girl on the floor crying the heaps out. I asked her what was wrong. “Man, tried kill me took another girl,” the little girl mumbling.
“Oh No!! I as that the guy must of took Nessi. The girl was shaking her hand in the air pointing where Nessi was. I lean to the girl and told her “ A young women will come and get you her name is Alice.”
I ran through the alleyway. I then smelled BLOOD!!!!!

I saw Nessi lying still on the cold hard floor. I was terrified to see her laying like she was dead.
I felt I was dying from the insides. I took her hand and yelled AHHHHHHHHHHHH
The Cullens came in less then a second. They came standing still like they could not believe what had happened. Just then I took in a deep breath, I smelled vampire all over Renessme. Bella leaned on her knees and grabbed Nessie’s hand.
Edward leaned over me and whispered in me delicate ear “we will found what vampire that did this, Bella please,” he took me hand and Alice skipped over to Bella hugging her. Jasper was so upset that he could not even control himself. I got up from where I was leaning over Renessme and shouted “WHO DID THIS I WANT TO KNOOOOW!!!” Emmett was now pulling me away with his muscles from my baby girl.
The floor was shaking as I looked up to see the Volturi walking in to the shadows of the alleyway.
“What, do you want,” I hear Edward say very bravely.
The Volturi replied back “we are very sorry about your daughter and that we have mistaken her for a bad vampire. She was next to the young lady, he was pointing to the little girl, now whimpering. Well anyway we had thought that she would kill her, pointing at the little girl still. But we now know we have killed her by accident.”
“No, No, NO, WHY. NOOOO!!!” I yelled going insane.
Alice tried to come me down, but Esme thought the best way is to put me in the car while the Volturi talk with my Husband, Resnessme’S Dad, a brother. I have been waiting for 20 minutes that felt like 800 years.
In the clear of the air I see the Cullens walking towards the car but Edward and Jacob was not there.
Alice opened the car door and sat down next to me.
I asked her “What was happening?”
She turned ever so little “Edward and Jacob want back with the Volturi.
I looked her in the eyes asking her “why did they go back to the Volturi?
Alice shyly said “They want to give nessi their life.”
I cried day and night till my nessi will come back and why would they give their life for Nessi.

By Hannah K.
Tell what you like and don’t and tell me everything

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the story was great
i like it but when riting like that use proper dialect
i have a question: when you wrote, they want to give their life for nessie, do you mean they want to die for her?

great, i love it!
aaawwww..nessie i liked it
what the hell just happend? I mean, the story was greate, a bit wierd maby, but still greate! I liked it :P
one question: did the voltury cilled Renesmee? Why? Why did Jacob and Edward go with the voltury? Did they Want to die too? But since Edward loves Bella over anything else in the world and vice versa, how can he leave her and just walk into his own death? don't he realise how that would make Bella feel? That she would Have nothing left living for when he, Jacob and Renesmee are gone? That she would want to die too? and, since he love her so mutch, won't he do about anything to keep her alive? included live with the pain the loss of his one and only daughter causes him? ok, I'm done! a bit more than one qestion mabye... LOVE the story!
I love the story. Are you going to tell what happened next..i'm intrigued.


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