The Twilight Saga

What would be the first thing you would if you were transformed by the vampire of your choice?

Imagine that one day you go to Cullen / Volterra and you say "I'll make you a vampire." Hop! It do three days after suffering what would you do besides eat a mortal?

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1.I first would go looking for Emmett to get a bear with him. hahahahahahhahaha Also find my Edward/Emmett-like mate
2.Figure out what my special power is.
3.Wresle with Felix!!!!!
4.. Tick Caius offf
5.Ask Damon what hell is his problem????Why cant he jus leave Stefan and Elena alone???
6.See if James and Poppy are still together(From the Night World series)
7.Find a friend like Alice and Bella and have fun
8. Tell Rosalie a thing or two(arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh)
9. Fing Rob Pattz and change him also(oooo lalala)
10. Ask Carlisle of he got sooo rich?????
i wouldn't eat a human if i can help it..
then try my power if i have 1...
then i'll go jumping off cliffs and swim to Paris..
and climb the Eiffel tower...
go around the world... See nature...
and do other things that i don't normally do when i was human because it's to dangerous or sumthg..
It would be like a dream come true..
what i wouldn't give to have that immortality...
First thing I would do when I become immortal is try my supernatural powers. I'd also feel joyful because I know I can never die.
im not really sure who i would want to change me but the first thing i would do is to see if i have any powers, then i would travel the world(big dream of mine)!
If I had the opportunity of going to Volterra and be changed as a Vampire I would love to stand by Dimitri even though my heart would always be Emmett Cullen or Carlisle Cullen. Also, my first thing would go and see the world after having been fed from my thirst to avoid a killing spree along the way instead of a shopping spree.... I will just take one day at a time and eventually would begin to feel like Edward. I would know eventually everyone around me would die and I would be alone for centuries roaming for my singer if it wasn't Dimitri, Emmett or Carlisle. I love the question very much. Great job!

Me i would go to the library and begin to read ALL the books, then i will go and find new books to read... I LOVE TO READ


i dont think i could kill some one no matter who it is


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