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Welcome to Posh Pets!

Give hope to a deserving little cutie today.


I am Hailee Swan and this is my pet shop.

I was inspired by my cat, Scooter.

This is my profile on the site.Comment what you want but if you would like to adopt, send me a message. I will add more pets when I see that they are getting adopted. Remember: Love Your Animals.



23 :: Think pink picture by x-valentine-x - Photobucket

Needs a home.


like ships in the sky. -

Needs a home.


ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Needs a home.



Needs a home.


Viky Viks Photos - SPCA February 2011

Needs a home.


For you i will.

Needs a home.


Lets See the World.

Needs a home.


Take the white pill, youll feel alright.

Needs a home.



Needs a home.


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Which one?
Sure. She's yours.

If only I lived in America I could adopt one.  most my pets are unwanted pets.  And I have either found them new homes or I have kepted them myself. We had ducks which where I live was ok as we live in suburba but now it isn't and it is becoming a posh area now! I had 3 girls and a boy to tell the difference between a boy duck and a girl is real simple look at there tails the boys may have only 1 curly feather ( upright) the girls feathers are all straight. we had ferrets and also one that someone did not look after and was very unfeed and small for her size I found her a new home I have found 15 dogs new homes.  I have a blue tongue lizard that was under fed and small for her age when I got her and she is doing well I also have a turtle that someone abandoned  when they moved house she was still in a hole in the ground out the front of the house and it was empty and we watched to see if anyone came back but noone ever did.  I have a bearded Dragon called Alice Cullen because she has spiky skin like Alice has spiky hair.  We have 3 dogs 2 were abused one more then the other and the other the people breed there dog only wanting 1 and ended up with 5 so my daughter got her for a birthday present.

We have 3 cats the owners where going away so we got 2 brothers and the other we got from a shelter. Also we have 2 birds.

I get really mad and upset when I see people who have animals and because the animal has not lived up to what the people want they just trade them in and start again  HELLO there not playstations they are living breathing have feels  beings and maybe YOU have lived up to what they execpt either it is a 2 way street.  If I could I would have every animal form the shelters and and then have no more shelters but I am one person and I have only so much I can afford. But I do do my bit every month I give $20 to a dog/cat shelter it may not sound like much but if everyone did this who do care about animals there would be alot less being put to sleep.

Oh wow. These are roleplay pets.
Can I get the 1st or 2nd cat love cats and I wount a kitten along with my 2 older cats
Yep, They are yours.
Sorry I am just so passionate about animals and I think they all deserve to be loved and wanted.  Not treated like garage.  I hope with the role play pets You all still treat them like they are real and need just as much love as time as real ones.


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