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Okay, I understand there is lots of confusion here, so feel free to ask questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
Sorry if I don't respond quickly, I'm kind of busy.

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You can be a judge if I choose you, or write one. This is also an awards group for all writers. You can participate in competitions as well. Enjoy! ^_^
We write stories for competitions.
We judge stories.
We make competitions.
We make awards.
We discuss writing!
Wooo! High five for a person who gets it!
Yea! *slaps Kaze five* I like answering questions :)
Do we post it in a discussion?
Yes we do! You can post it in a discussion and notify Kaze that it is finished. You can also make a discussion, but have a link to a PDF of the story or a microsoft word document. Does that help?

Oh, and Kaze, can we all, we being the members, answer questions too? Just making sure it's okay! :)
Oh, so do we post it in a random discussion or a certain one?
Post it in the contest discussion or make a new discussion.

Amanda: Yes, you may answer questions.
Thanks, a lot. Its hard for me to understand these things. ^_^'
Yeah, sorry, mainly my fault.
No, its not. Its my fault for not coming here often enough.
What's a one-shot?


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