The Twilight Saga

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Nominating and voting has ended. Here are your winners:

First Place: Dusk
By: Taylor Black
Second Place: Love's Second Chance
By: Kat Bella Cullen
Third Place: Imprinted (a Seth imprinting story)
By: Sarah Lautner♥

Banners posted!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:


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Replies to This Discussion

I also vote 4 dusk... THREE times!!!
Oooh! Can I vote for Dusk 3 times too? Can I?

3 votes to leah's burning world by leah clearwater
You already voted and your votes have been counted for.
2 votes for Love's Second Chance 1 vote for Imprinted
i vote 3 for imprinted..(a Seth imprinting story)
Three for Imprinted, I love this ff :D :) Good luck Sarah!
Imprinted !!!!
All votes so far are counted for. So far Dusk is in the lead, followed by Imprinted and third place is a tie between Leah Clearwater's Burning World and Love's Second Chance. Keep voting and nominating. Thanks :)
AWWW thanks Carly!!!!!! I ♥ you girly!!!!!!
i vote for love's second chance 3 times
Thanks Iya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ♥ you girly!!!!!!


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