The Twilight Saga

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Nominating and voting has ended. Here are your winners:

First Place: Dusk
By: Taylor Black
Second Place: Love's Second Chance
By: Kat Bella Cullen
Third Place: Imprinted (a Seth imprinting story)
By: Sarah Lautner♥

Banners posted!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:


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Can I nominate my story?

Leah's Beautiful Secret
Leah/Jacob Story
Here's the link:
I'm going to be brave an nominate my story.... Love's Second Chance

"What if imprinting doesn't work exactly the way they once all thought it did? The whole basis for imprinting is to keep the bloodline strong and growing. What happens once that has occured? If the person that imprinted was in love with someone else before they imprinted could that not eventually overpower the imprint once the basic need for imprinting was accomplished? This is Leah's story...."
is this contest actually going to happen???
yes, but i'm giving a week for ppl to submit their nominations and then the voting begins!!!
LOL well so far with 2 nominations it's not looking like a tough competition....

I want to nominate someone else as well

Sarah Lautner♥ - Imprinted (a Seth imprinting story)
Done and thanks!
I vote for Dusk! I thought it was good...

Can I vote for it three times?

If not then two...

If not THAT, then one!
Yeah me too!

I'll vote for Dusk as many times as possible!

But if I can only vote for it once, then yeah, count me as 1 vote!
i nominate

leah claerwater's burning world by leah clearwater
3 votes for leah's burning world by leah clearwater
I vote for DUSK as many times as possible!



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