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Post your best romance stories here!

Posting begins:
Today through November 1

No "in detail" description. Ex: He took off his clothes and I looked down.....
You get the

Story length:

You can post pictures with your story if u wud like, but u dont hav to. You can use them to describe the stting or person, but no innapropriate pictures please.

Voting will begin on November 2 and will go till November 15(five days till new moon!!!!:D)
Have fun, be creative, and make them big nail biters!!!

First entry: Soaring- Carmen E
Votes: I

Second entry: Memories of Dean- harcad004
Votes: IIIII

Third entry: Angelina Mio Amore- Angel-->

Fourth Entry: Torn- Me N Her
Votes: I

Fifth entry: Love after Life- Ellie
Votes: II

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Replies to This Discussion

either-make sure its the best you can make it!!!
no problem!
omg... tht was amazing... i ahv absolutely no words for this... absolutely breathtaking how u described everything... btw, im not sure if i understood ur question entirely... can u explain again?
o.. ok do u think i shud change the title to get more people? this is the first time im doin this so im open to suggestions!!
ok! thx!
um voting fo "Soaring
A one-shot by Carmen E"
i dunno if dis is da ryt way to vote okay :D
ur good!
U know I already love your writing and now u have blown mee away yet again!! Darling you totally rock my world!!
Your welcome!!!! :)
ok sounds good!
um no. it can be about anything you want!
i vote for Bella's M&M =)


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