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Okay this one shot is about endangerment. I'm going to list below natural and man-made disasters, and first come first serve. Rules: 

1. It has to be about a person, boy or girl
2. They can live or die, you're choice, but no narrating during the afterlife, please!
3. Must be at least five paragraphs long, and please make it descriptive!
4. First come first serve! 
5. One shots are due by June 1, 2010 at 8:00 pm Eastern time, and voting begins at 8:01 Eastern. Voting ends on June 30, 2010. 



1. Hurricane
2. Wild/Forest Fire taken by Danielle
3. Attack of any vicious animal, like bear or mountain lion: your choice! Taken by Team Jacober
4. Tornado
5. Earthquake Taken by Sad Shadow
6. Tsunami 
7. Rock Slide
8. Avalanche


1. Shooting (school or out-of-school, but no drunken shooting) Taken by jocelyn alexis 
2. Kidnapping (nothing sexual, please) Taken by all_star+edward= 4 eva in luv!
3. Car Accident Taken by Shana ♥
4. Plane Crash Taken by Amanda -->
5. Parachute (meaning someone's parachute doesn't open while sky-diving) Taken by Shadow_Kissed 
6. Bank Robbery 
7. Drowning Taken by AJ 
8. Bombing Taken by Arrowpaw of Fireclan

Have fun and please write a one shot! :)

One Shots written: 

The Day that Ruined by Whole Life by Arrowpaw (story can be found on pg. 4)
The Ghost Lovers by Jocelyn (story can be found on pg. 5) 
The Perfect Boyfriend by Shana (story can be found on pg. 5)
The Wharf by All Star (story can be found on pg. 6) 
Parachute One Shot by Shadow_Kissed (story can be found on pg. 6)
Vicious Animal One Shot by Team Jacober (story can be found on pg. 6)
Plane Crash: The Story of a Survivor by Amanda --> (story can be found on pg. 7)
Where the Elk and Coyotes Lie Dead by Danielle (story can be found on pg. 10)


  Voting Rules:

   1. You can vote up to four times, take as many votes as you need.(: 
   2. You must read all the one-shots so this contest is unbiased. 
   3. I'm not allowing you to vote for yourself. 
   4. Can't vote for the same person twice. 
   5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! :D



Also, I need someone to make banners for the winners and honorable mentions. If you would like to or know someone who would like to, please comment/PM me. 


Shana's one shot: 9
All_Star's one shot: 8
Shadow_Kissed's one shot: 11
Amanda --> one shot: 10
Team Jacober's One shot: 4
Jocelyn's one shot: 1
Arrowpaw's one shot: 2
Danielle's one shot: 4

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Really sad....but amazingly good! :D
thanks! it was my second 1shot
it kinda struck me from the heart i didnt even no wat i was writing o.0
HAHA! thanks!
That was good! I'm glad I didn't let you quit!!!!!!!! :D
Amazingly good as well! Great job!
yeah sisy! y do u keep useing chandler as a guy o.0 AMAZING SIS!
. . .

That was beautiful!!! Great job Shana!!! :D
Shana this is the most amzing short story i have ever read! wow you have amzing writting skills! im in love with this story!
Wow, I wasn't expecting that! Great job! :D
One more week guys!

The three one shots that must be written!
Okay, here's my one-shot! :)

Part I – The Cause

I knelt down beside my hunting bag, making sure everything was there. I went through a mental checklist, Bait, first aid, and food supply, these were the main things that I packed. I left the small details up to my mom. I didn't want her to worry about the packing, but she constantly insisted on it.

"Are you sure you have everything you need?" Mom asked for about the sixth time. She tossed 4 thick, wool blankets at me before I could tell her 'yes'. She started to pace around the room.

"You don't have to go by yourself, Emmett," my dad offered. "Your brothers would be more than happy to join you." I looked down at my two older brothers who were sitting on the wooden floor. They glared up at me in return. While they were busy staring me down, they failed to see what Dad was doing. He was giving them a look between 'do-as-I-say' and 'there-will-be-consequences'.

"That's okay, Dad." I said, sparing them whatever 'consequence' they didn't see coming. I glanced back at my Mom who was still searching for things to pack.

"I'm just going hunting. I'll be back in a couple hours." Mom met my eyes for a second and then began to pace even faster. Even though I was 20 years old now, my mom still saw that look of innocence in my features. And that look wasn't helping my case.

"Emmett, did you get it?" My oldest brother asked. His question sent Dad rushing off to the small bedroom he and Mom shared.

"Get what?"

My brothers both exchanged surprised glances. "Usually, he gives it to you early. You know, so you can practice."

"I don't follow." I answered plainly. That's when Dad came out. He had something long and very slim wrapped in cloth. He held it out to me. "Here, Emmett." Now I realized what they were talking about. I don't know how I missed this one. I tore the cloth to reveal a single-shot gun. I've seen my brothers use this all the time. But it was different this time. Now, I would be putting it to action.

Just before I took it from Dad he added, "Use it wisely. It has one-"

"Round of bullets." I finished knowledgeably.

"Right. I would have given it to you earlier but-"

"That's okay. As long as I have it." I took the single-shot from him and pointed it up at the ceiling. "Hey, are there bullets in this?"

"Yes. Emmett don't sh-"

But it was too late. I stopped hearing Dad after he confirmed that there was bullets. I clicked the trigger and laughed at the reaction of my family. They all ducked down to the floor, locking there hands on their heads. I laughed even harder at the sight of my so called 'big' brothers crouching behind the dinner table. They were so exposed there.

Once everybody realized that I was the shooter I decided it was time to leave. "Bye!"

"Wait there, Emmett." I turned around and glanced up at the hole in the ceiling. The bullet seemed to have made only minor cracks. "I'll fix it when I get back."

"Be careful, Emmett!"

"I will." I slung my hunting gear over my shoulders and quickly headed out the door. And, of course I "checked" if my gun still had ammunition. I shot it once and could have sworn I heard my family's bodies hit the floor as they ducked for cover.

Part II – The Incident

After a few minutes of searching I found the most suitable hunting ground. It was a place that me and my brothers always went to because of the amount of game here.

I laid down my supplies and started to aim at my first prey. A small herd of deer. I shot three times at them, taking down the largest doe. The rest of the herd was lucky enough to have gotten away. One more dead deer and two properly skinned animals later, I decided to move my hunting to the lake.

When I got there I saw several groups of ducks swimming there. I picked one of my moving targets and shot several times in their general direction. Unfortunately, my aim was off. The bullet seemed to have hit a cub. I guess I wasn't completely out of luck.

I crossed the lake to see what I could do for it or do to it. There were two bullets in the skull, which made the cub dead. I took my knife from my back pocket and began to work on getting the fur from the cub.

Just then I heard a deep, growling sound coming from behind me. I turned around to see a large figure emerge from the tress. Of course, it was the mother of the black bear cub I'd just accidentally shot and killed.

She began padding forward to me, with the motivation of 'you-killed-him' so 'I-kill-you'. So, I, in response brought my gun to level with the Black Bear's skull. I aimed it and pulled the trigger once. It made a clicking noise. Twice. Click. A third time. Click. I threw my gun to the side, partly because it was of no use to me now, and partly in frustration because, of all things, I'd forgotten to pack extra ammunition.

The mother bear must have sensed that I had no useful weaponry available. My hunting bag was on the far side of the lake and I left my knife by the cub, thinking that I would come back to it later. The bear lunged forward with her claws out.

Knocking me down on the rocks was enough to send me into a slightly unconscious stage. A huge gash from my temple to the back of my head sent blood trickling down to the lake. And on top of that I couldn't breathe. There was too much pressure on my chest and one of her paws pressed down on my throat, like she was chocking me. I took in a limited amount of air before I could feel my throat closing up.

I tried to release my arms from under her paws, but I couldn't move and the struggling was making it harder to breathe. She continued to claw at the arm that I tried to get free. As she attacked, the pressure on my chest kept getting more and more unbearable. The bear kept mauling me as I began slipping deeper into unconsciousness.

Suddenly, I felt the weight of the bear being knocked off of me. Just before I was completely knocked out I could feel this strange sensation. It wasn't the feeling of knowing that I was going to live, because I knew for a fact that I was dead already. It was more like I was somehow flying. But to where?
That was really good! Great job!
Great! :D


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