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Okay this one shot is about endangerment. I'm going to list below natural and man-made disasters, and first come first serve. Rules: 

1. It has to be about a person, boy or girl
2. They can live or die, you're choice, but no narrating during the afterlife, please!
3. Must be at least five paragraphs long, and please make it descriptive!
4. First come first serve! 
5. One shots are due by June 1, 2010 at 8:00 pm Eastern time, and voting begins at 8:01 Eastern. Voting ends on June 30, 2010. 



1. Hurricane
2. Wild/Forest Fire taken by Danielle
3. Attack of any vicious animal, like bear or mountain lion: your choice! Taken by Team Jacober
4. Tornado
5. Earthquake Taken by Sad Shadow
6. Tsunami 
7. Rock Slide
8. Avalanche


1. Shooting (school or out-of-school, but no drunken shooting) Taken by jocelyn alexis 
2. Kidnapping (nothing sexual, please) Taken by all_star+edward= 4 eva in luv!
3. Car Accident Taken by Shana ♥
4. Plane Crash Taken by Amanda -->
5. Parachute (meaning someone's parachute doesn't open while sky-diving) Taken by Shadow_Kissed 
6. Bank Robbery 
7. Drowning Taken by AJ 
8. Bombing Taken by Arrowpaw of Fireclan

Have fun and please write a one shot! :)

One Shots written: 

The Day that Ruined by Whole Life by Arrowpaw (story can be found on pg. 4)
The Ghost Lovers by Jocelyn (story can be found on pg. 5) 
The Perfect Boyfriend by Shana (story can be found on pg. 5)
The Wharf by All Star (story can be found on pg. 6) 
Parachute One Shot by Shadow_Kissed (story can be found on pg. 6)
Vicious Animal One Shot by Team Jacober (story can be found on pg. 6)
Plane Crash: The Story of a Survivor by Amanda --> (story can be found on pg. 7)
Where the Elk and Coyotes Lie Dead by Danielle (story can be found on pg. 10)


  Voting Rules:

   1. You can vote up to four times, take as many votes as you need.(: 
   2. You must read all the one-shots so this contest is unbiased. 
   3. I'm not allowing you to vote for yourself. 
   4. Can't vote for the same person twice. 
   5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! :D



Also, I need someone to make banners for the winners and honorable mentions. If you would like to or know someone who would like to, please comment/PM me. 


Shana's one shot: 9
All_Star's one shot: 8
Shadow_Kissed's one shot: 11
Amanda --> one shot: 10
Team Jacober's One shot: 4
Jocelyn's one shot: 1
Arrowpaw's one shot: 2
Danielle's one shot: 4

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Wow Shadow_Kissed! That was amazing!
can i do it on an earthquake please?
Okay, but you have until June 1. If it's not up in four days, you can't qualify.
ill try....
Sad Shadow and Amanda-

You have today and tomorrow to post your one shot!
Okay, for the two who haven't posted yet:

You have 12 hours to post your story!

Plane crash: The story of a survivor
Written by Amanda-->
Missie’s POV- 1950- 10 years old.
It was a beautiful day in the South, with the lilies blooming and the bees humming. That is how I have always remembered my first plane ride- and crash.
“Missie, darling. Your papa is working out in the fields, maybe you could help him,” my mother suggested, while making a bouquet of roses in the kitchen. She was the best bouquet maker in all of Georgia.
I greatly accepted the suggestion. “Alright mama.”
I ran through the tall grass, towards the field where my papa worked. He was busy mowing the grass, with his new tractor that granny and grandpa had graciously gotten him for Christmas.
“Why hello there little Missie! Isn’t it a fine day?” He glanced up at the sky, gazing at the sun.
I nodded my agreement. “What do you need my help with papa?”
He turned to look at me. “Why don’t you come sit with me on the tractor? You can steer.”
I eagerly jumped into his lap; steering was my favorite thing to help him with. When I was steering the tractor, I pretended that I was flying an airplane. It was the closest thing to flying an airplane in my life.
“Whoa! Isn’t that just the prettiest flyer you ever did see?” My papa said, motioning for me to look at the sky. I turned the key of the tractor so that the motor was off and looked where his finger was pointing.
A bright red airplane was circling the skies above. It had pink roses printed all over it. It was like living in a dream world. That plane was perfect. I guess that was the day when I knew that I had to fly- and soon.

Missie’s POV- 1955- 15 years old.
“Arithmetic is dreadfully boring mama! Do I have to do it?” I groaned.
“Missie!” She said, shaking her head with disbelief, “we came to the states to get you a higher education, and by golly you are going to get one. If you’re having trouble, talk with Ms. Bird tomorrow.” She went back to making mashed potatoes; the first of our crop this year.
I sighed and went back to staring at the equation. I was never very good at this subject. Every time I tried to look at the numbers they just became jumbled up. It was like staring into a never ending whirlpool. Later on in my life, I learned that this disability was called dyslexia.

“Alright class. Today we’re going to have a little discussion. This will help us feel more confident to talk in front of our peers. Today’s topic will be what you want to be when you grow up and why,” our teacher, Ms. Bird told us. “Mmm…Cara, why don’t you start us off?”
Cara, a confident, popular girl, smiled. “When I grow up, I’d love to be a nurse. I’ve always loved helping people.”
Ms. Bird applauded her. “Good job Cara. It was spoken like a pro.” She turned to look at me. “Missie, why don’t you go next?”
I froze. I had never been very comfortable speaking in front of others. I cleared my throat. “Well class, when I grow up it’s my dream to be an aviator; to fly airplanes.”
Everyone was silent for a moment, and then the whole class erupted into a fit of laughter.
“Girls can’t fly airplanes,” Jonathan Miller said. “They’re too stupid.”
Ms. Bird glared at him sternly. “Jonathan, please stand in the corner.”
I could almost taste the salty tears about to fall down my face. Without hesitating, I flew out of the classroom. “Yes I can,” was the last thing I said before leaving the classroom completely.
I would show them all. Girls could do anything that they set their mind to.
I walked down the streets of town, searching for something; some small blink of hope. I guess god must have been watching over me on that day, because just when my luck seemed to be gone, I found hope. A flyer advertising airplane rides on the weekend. I couldn’t believe it. I skimmed through the flyer, reading the rules.
1. Must be 14 years of age or older to fly AT ALL.
2. Must have parental permission to fly if younger than 18
3. Cost is $17.00 a ride.

I smiled. Everything was perfect. I was older than 14, my parents would surely let me go, and I had much more than $17.00 of pocket money saved up.
I ran home as quickly as lightning, clutching the flyer in my hand.
“Missie, why are you home so soon?” My mother asked me as I ran through the door.
I had to make up some sort of excuse. “Ms. Bird let us out early because we did such an extraordinary job in class today.”
Mother nodded to herself, barely paying attention.
“Mama, you have to see this,” I said thrusting the flyer towards her. She examined it, looking over the rules. Then she shook her head sadly. “Missie, of course we’d let you, but we just can’t afford it right now. Maybe another year they’ll do it again.”
“But mama, I have over $17.00 in pocket money saved up! Oh, please let me! I’d do anything!” I pleaded.
She looked curiously at me. “17 whole dollars? How did you get so wealthy?”
“I’ve been saving for two years, and I have a job at Mrs. Archer’s house, tending her garden. She pays a generous amount of money. Oh please let me! I’ve been waiting for this chance almost my whole life!” I explained.
“Well darling, it is your money. You’re free to do whatever you want with it,” she said, giving in.
I hugged her tight. “Oh, thank you mama! Thank you!”
Then she remembered something. “Darling, your father and I are going to Kansas that day to visit your Aunt Erma. She’s awful sick. We won’t be able to take you.”
“I can walk there myself mama. It’s only a mile or so,” I said.
“Alright.” She agreed.

April 7th, 1955- 15 years old. ***************
The day of the airplane flight, I kissed mama and papa’s cheeks and then headed out the door.
The mile walk wasn’t very bad at all. In fact, it gave me a lot of time to think. What were the planes like there? Would I be able to fly one that was red with pink roses; the first plane I ever truly adored? I wasn’t sure.
When I got to the airplane grounds, I hurriedly went through my knapsack, to dig out the form of consent from my parents, then my birth certificate, which showed my legal age, and finally, I grabbed my seventeen dollars.
The front gate was so crowded, that I had to wait off to the sidelines until it finally cleared out.
I walked to one of the open ticket booths. “Hello. I’d like to take an airplane ride please.”
“Do you have your birth certificate with you today ma’am?” He asked.
I nodded, pulling out the certificate. He looked over it. “Do you have a form of consent from your parents?”
Again, I nodded, showing the form to him.
“You’re free to go as long as you have $17.00. And also, if you’d like, you can get a picture taken of you flying the plane for only two extra dollars.”
A picture? I longed for a picture so that I could show my whole class. “Well, I do have four extra dollars, for lunch. I’m sure two dollars for lunch would be fine.” I quickly handed him the nineteen dollars.
After he put the money in the cash register, he handed me a yellow ticket.
I held on to that yellow ticket like it was the only thing keeping me alive.
The ground was bustling with activity from people looking in the gift shop, to people getting in planes. I couldn’t keep my excitement contained much longer. I had to fly!
I ran across the grounds to the boarding area. The man who was running the section smiled at me. “What can I do for you?”
I grinned at him. “I’m here to take a plane ride. I’m 15, and my parents will let me, I also paid.” I gave him my yellow ticket.
He stopped smiling as he looked it over. “Miss, I’m afraid that this isn’t the correct ticket. I’m sorry.”
I took it from his hand, looking over it. On it, imprinted in black writing were the words, The Cirque .The ticket man had given me a ticket to the circus! I couldn’t hide my disbelief. “But…but…I gave the man over there,” I pointed towards him, “my money, and my consent form.”
He narrowed his eyebrows. “That’s Lenny Girthed. He likes to play mean tricks on anyone gullible enough. I’ll tell you what, since you seem like such an honest young women, I’ll let you go on anyway.”

I immediately felt relieved. We started walking over to a beautiful red plane. “Oh thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me!” Then I stopped suddenly. “But wait, I paid for a picture too.”
The man didn’t even stop. “I’ll let the photographer know.”
I smiled brightly. This day couldn’t have gotten any better. “How does it work?”
He looked quizzically at me. “You mean you’ve never flown a plane before?”
I shook my head. “I’ve always wanted to, but I never got the chance-until now.”
“Well, it’s pretty easy. I’ll show you.”


Being up in the air was probably the most amazing experience I would ever have in my whole entire life. I loved the way the wind whipped through my hair-a cool sensation.
Flying a plane was very easy too. There were very few controls, and I had already studied every one of them from my book about planes.
I let my hands slowly come off of the controller. I lifted my hands above my head and whooped. I smiled brightly, my face aching in protest. But I couldn’t help but smile; I was finally succeeding in the one thing that I loved with all my heart, flying!
Suddenly I felt the plane stop. There wasn’t a whir coming from the engine anymore. Everything was completely silent; the engine wasn’t on!
Frantically I reached for the key, turning it and twisting it every which way, trying to get the engine working again, but it wouldn’t budge. The plane was crashing. I closed my eyes and screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt the thud of the plane hitting the ground, but nothing happened. At least, not to me. I opened my eyes slowly. The plane had most definitely suffered. Its exterior was ruined; this plane wouldn’t fly again.
“Miss, miss, is you alright?” Came the screams of several on lookers.
I unbuckled the seat belt and stood up. “I’m fine.” I smiled a little. I had crashed, but that didn’t matter. It only made me want to ride in planes even more. What had made the engine stop so suddenly? I would definitely figure it out.

Excerpt from, the biography of Missie Ire

Missie Ire, born in 1940, was the first woman to fly around the world successfully. Her first experience with planes was in 1955 when she rode in a plane, and crashed during a festival of planes. Later in her life, she commented that, “That experience probably sealed the deal for me. Ever since that crash I wanted to study how planes work and fly them.”

A/N: Alright, so obviously this isn’t a real story because she is a fake character. But it kind of shows how women can do anything that they set their mind to! :)
Wonderful!!!! Great job! You really put a lot of work into this! :D
Thanks Luna! :D
All right, it's voting time! Please see the discussion for the rules.

And I need someone to make banners! Details also up!
Okay, my four votes are gonna go to...

The Perfect Boyfriend by Shana
The Wharf by All Star
Parachute One Shot by Shadow_Kissed
Plane Crash: The Story of a Survivor by Amanda -->


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