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Okay this one shot is about endangerment. I'm going to list below natural and man-made disasters, and first come first serve. Rules: 

1. It has to be about a person, boy or girl
2. They can live or die, you're choice, but no narrating during the afterlife, please!
3. Must be at least five paragraphs long, and please make it descriptive!
4. First come first serve! 
5. One shots are due by June 1, 2010 at 8:00 pm Eastern time, and voting begins at 8:01 Eastern. Voting ends on June 30, 2010. 



1. Hurricane
2. Wild/Forest Fire taken by Danielle
3. Attack of any vicious animal, like bear or mountain lion: your choice! Taken by Team Jacober
4. Tornado
5. Earthquake Taken by Sad Shadow
6. Tsunami 
7. Rock Slide
8. Avalanche


1. Shooting (school or out-of-school, but no drunken shooting) Taken by jocelyn alexis 
2. Kidnapping (nothing sexual, please) Taken by all_star+edward= 4 eva in luv!
3. Car Accident Taken by Shana ♥
4. Plane Crash Taken by Amanda -->
5. Parachute (meaning someone's parachute doesn't open while sky-diving) Taken by Shadow_Kissed 
6. Bank Robbery 
7. Drowning Taken by AJ 
8. Bombing Taken by Arrowpaw of Fireclan

Have fun and please write a one shot! :)

One Shots written: 

The Day that Ruined by Whole Life by Arrowpaw (story can be found on pg. 4)
The Ghost Lovers by Jocelyn (story can be found on pg. 5) 
The Perfect Boyfriend by Shana (story can be found on pg. 5)
The Wharf by All Star (story can be found on pg. 6) 
Parachute One Shot by Shadow_Kissed (story can be found on pg. 6)
Vicious Animal One Shot by Team Jacober (story can be found on pg. 6)
Plane Crash: The Story of a Survivor by Amanda --> (story can be found on pg. 7)
Where the Elk and Coyotes Lie Dead by Danielle (story can be found on pg. 10)


  Voting Rules:

   1. You can vote up to four times, take as many votes as you need.(: 
   2. You must read all the one-shots so this contest is unbiased. 
   3. I'm not allowing you to vote for yourself. 
   4. Can't vote for the same person twice. 
   5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! :D



Also, I need someone to make banners for the winners and honorable mentions. If you would like to or know someone who would like to, please comment/PM me. 


Shana's one shot: 9
All_Star's one shot: 8
Shadow_Kissed's one shot: 11
Amanda --> one shot: 10
Team Jacober's One shot: 4
Jocelyn's one shot: 1
Arrowpaw's one shot: 2
Danielle's one shot: 4

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Can I have a link to check it out?
Hey guys, since we got another one shot at the last minute, I'm allowing everybody to have another vote. You can use it on Danielle or anyone else you haven't voted for yet.
I just want to say wow! Thank you guys so much for voting for me! I see that I have 7 votes! I didn't think that I'd get more than 1 or 2! You guys are amazing! :D

I'm using the extra vote that Luna gave us now!
Danielle Great job!
Vote counted! ;D
Yay! Thank you so much : D
I vote for shadow_kissed!!! =)

and sorry i can't make a banner.
All right! Just remember that you have four more votes!!! =D
Hey Luna, I'd love to try my hand at making banners for this competition, if you haven't already gotten someone.
Awww, thank you.

I like the reviews you gave everyone; I'm sure everyone was grinning crazily at their screen. (or maybe that's just me...)
Sorry, I've already got RussetWolfLuv doing them. But thanks! :D
My extra vote goes to...

Danielle's one shot
Yay! Thank you : D


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