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Also, please no swearing in this discussion. Even using symbols (ex. @#$%^&*()) can make others feel uncomfortable or get this discussion deleted. I understand that some stories have swearing, but please don't have swearing in yours. Thank you!

Results are in!

1st place: Alexis Dwyer's story by Peace.Love.Music.
2nd place: Unexpected by jojobean
3rd place: The girl from Down under by all star

A/N: Thanks to everyone that participated in this competition! Congrats to everyone as well! You all did a fantastic job!

Banners will be given out soon! :)

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Love the idea Amanda!
I will enter of course!
Can I have Kim please? But I can't remember who imprints on here LOL, Do you know?
Can I do Brady pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!! Please please please please please please please please =]

n_n :) :D =D :/ :P :S :3 lol I heart smiley faces =] haha smiley face =]
RussetWolf: You can have Kim. Jared imprints on her.
Shadow Kissed: you can have Claire. Quil imprints on her.
Team Seth: You can write about the girl who imprints on Brady, but not specifically about Brady.
nik-edward is my love: You can write about Leah's imprint!
can i take collins, please please please please please!
oh that's okay, i'll try next time. best of luck!
I love the idea of this contest! May I have Emily, please?
jojobean: You can have Emily!
Shadow kissed: I'll give you a little snippet of what she's like. She isn't really explained much, however Quil imprinted on her when she was only 2 years old. However, you can write about her however you want to, since you don't know much about her.
I'm really excited to see what you come up with!

P.S. I'm working on the first chapter of my NEW Jared and Kim story! It should be up soon! :D
Oh wow thats great! I love all your stories:-)
And if you want a banner for it please keep me in mind!
LOL! I most definitely will ask you for a banner *heads to RussetWolfLuv's banner shop* :-)
Phew, this one shot is a hard one to write! Can't wait till it's finished!
all star-you can take Seth's imprint.

LOL! I know, writing one shots can be a bit of a struggle! :)


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