The Twilight Saga

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Ch. 1 Remembering

It started out as a normal everyday well... day for me.  Woke up at 6 for school, did the usual routine: get dressed, eat breakfast, do hair, brush teeth and out the door.  I get in the pick up, and check my phone before driving away. I had one new text message, assuming it was a friend a check it. It wasn't, it was from an unknown number and it said, "You have volunteered to be a in the hunger games! Congratulations! Effie Trinket." Thinking they were playing a joke on me, I played into it. I text-ed back "O.Kay. where do you want to pick me up?" So I started down the ranch road slowly, when my phone vibrated, I looked at it and I was getting a call. I paused my Ipod and answered the phone. "Hello?" I said.
          " Hi, this is Effie trinket. You will need to be by the Railroad tracks by 7:30, OK?" Said a very cheery voice.
          " Umm... If this is a joke, its not funny.." I said with a frown.
          " Why would you think this is a joke ,deary?" Effie said.
          " Because you are not REAL you are from a BOOK." I reasoned.
          " No I am not!! that is just rude!! how could you say that?" she yelled over the phone.
          I rolled my eyes, and said sarcastically "Sure, I'll meet you at the tracks"
          "Yay! I'll see you there!!" She said bubbly. My drive was still it usual half an hour, so I pulled up to the highway around 7:20.  I put my blinker on to the left towards Ellsworth. I got to Ellsworth at about 7:25, and to my (not) surprise, there was no train or anything. I parked the truck on the right side of the road, and waited for the bus. I was zoning out on the music when there was a tap at the window. I nearly jumped out of my skin, I paused the music, and rolled down the window.
          "What do you want Kaci?" I said with a hint of anger in my voice.
          She looked upset, she was still in her horse pajamas, with her lime green cowboy boots on. "I'm sorry, Regina. I would have volunteered, but you can't volunteer another volunteer."
          " Kaci? What are you talking about? are you in on the joke too?" I looked at her and she was crying.  That was weird. I stepped out of the car, and held her. "W-what's going on?"
          She looked up at me, her wavy blond hair, and blue eyes all puffy. "You were chosen for the hunger games, Regina, don't you get it?" Then she held me close while she cried.
          "Oh." I said softly "This is for real..." I started to cry, but then I realized, I hadn't packed. I let go of Kaci, and looked in the backseat to find a bag had been packed. There was a note on it. Dear Regina, I love you.  I know you are probably going to die. I packed your bags last night, after you passed out. Love Mom and Dad. I looked at Kaci, and she handed me a batch of cookies.
          " M-my mom made those for you... She always liked you, Regina." She began to walk away,but the she turned around. "oh yeah, I wanted to give you this." She handed me a hair clip, that was a horse. "Being we are from district ten... ya know" She smiled then scurried away, back to her house. The guard rails went down as a train was pulling to a stop. A very pink and happy looking lady, I assumed was Effie. I looked down at the note, and noticed an arrow pointing to the pack. P.S. Don't take an arrow to the knee. I smiled dad did always have a sense of humor.
         "Hello, are you Regina?" Effie said as she walked up to me. I locked the car and place the key under the hood.
         "Yeah, this is she." I said grimly. I looked at the town and then to my pick-up, and a tear rolled down my cheek. I would probably never drive it again.
         "O.k.!! Follow me in to the train please." She instructed. I followed her on to the train, wondering if my parents had put bowling balls in there.  I stepped on to the train, and to my surprise I wasn't the first one to be picked up. We entered the dining cart, and I saw a few familiar faces. Haymitch, Kar (our District's male tribute.), and Jared. I recognized him because last year his brother volunteered for him, and got killed. I guess he doesn't have that good of luck. "This is Regina, district ten's female tribute!" Effie introduced me. "You're going to sit by Kar." She pointed to him. I knew who he was, we were in the same grade and I used to have a crush on him. Most girls did, and why wouldn't they? He was tall, tan, dark (almost black)eyes, blond hair, and muscular; the perfect provider.
         "Thanks..." I took my seat and I could see everyone. They all looked pretty mad. About what? It could go either way really.
         "Can I have those?" Kar said. Looking in my lap.

Ch.2 The train

Alily: *wandering about the train*

Regina: Sitting next to the other D10 tribute named Kar.

Alily: So bored...

Regina:  Starts humming Under the Misle Toe by JB.

Alily: I wish I brought my book with me about now... *still wandering when she hears a hum* What the fudge is that? *gets closer to the hum*

Regina: Changes her hum to Stronger By KC

Alily: *she gets next to Regina* What is that you're humming?

Regina: "huh, Oh, Stronger, its an old song from WAY back when." She smiled at the younger tribute.
Effie: "Excuse me, Regina might i have a word with you?" She said

Alily: Ah.

Regina: Umm... OK?
Effie: walks a little ways away "your Parents are dead."
Regina: "WHAT??"
Effie: yeah they where gunned down, they tried to climb the fence... Regina: oh....

Alily: *sits on the floor and waits for Regina to come back over. she eavesdrops a little and hears Regina's parents are dead, and her face is lit up in shock*

Regina: Walks away from Effie... thinking "oh my gawd, i have to win the games now i have to" sits by Kar
Kar: "What was that about?" Even though he is kinda dumb, he DOES know me best.... Regina: "my parents are dead...."

Alily: *still sitting on the floor, Regina comes back. she pretends she didn't eavesdrop and hears Regina* That must be awful...

Regina: "Its horrible actually, i just... i hope my brother is okay.... "
Kar: "umm, you didn't hear last night?" Regina shakes her head "umm..." He leaned over and whispered "he got out last night, he said he was going to bring you, but you passed out, or something..."

Alily: *she hears something about Regina's brother and remembers her brother, Dave and thinks: I hope Dave is practicing sword-fighting!!!*

Regina: God, why, why me? seriously.... -Kar puts his arm around her- I have nothing to live for now....
Kar: yes you do, you just got to show the capital that that stuff doesn't effect you

Alily: Yeah!!! *sees Kar out his arm around Regina, she remembers the tribute that came with her, who's she had a huge crush on since she was 6*

Regina: yeah, Kar, you kinda have a point...

Alily:  Hello??? *waves her arms about* Don't you guys want to know my name?

Regina: uh... sure (forgot she was there) I'm Regina, this is Kar and you are...?

Alily: Alily~ Nice to meet you too.

Regina: -Shakes her hand- well -ahem- this is awkward... I'm going to the rest room, so you too get acquainted...

Regina: -leaves-

Alily: Okay... Anyways, Kar, you might be wondering what district I'm from!

Kar: sure, I'm from D10

Alily: Nice, I guess. I'm from District 1~~~ *all triumphant and stuff*

Kar: oh your from the spoiled FAVORED district that almost ALWAYS wins.... *grumble grumble*

Alily: Hey!! Don't talk smack about my district!

Kar: well its TRUE, -stands up and points at her- why don't you just stay with YOUR tribute so HE can protect you

Alily: *looks up at him and whimpers* I can bring him over here, at least! I want to know Regina more!

Kar: go get him Maybe we can have a "chat" about how DISRESPECTFUL you have been, or maybe -he raised his hand as if to strike her-

Alily: I'm not trying to be disrespectful!!! *walks away to get Nit, the tribute she came along with*

Regina: -walks in- whoa whoa whoa.... whoa..........whoa...............whoa......... whats going on here?? Kar: she was being rude so i was going to give her a reason to be mad at me R: nonononono! that is not how you.... ughh manage your temper Kar!

Alily: *gets Nit and comes back*

Regina: O.k. guys, its PROBABLY a bad idea to fight, -turns to Nit- Hello my name is Regina, I'm D10's female tribute, and im sorry Kar has anger issues now, can't we be friends?

Nit: Yo. Name's Nit.

Regina: well... -deep voice- Yo Don't fight its probably the main cause of bad publicity -normal voice- ha-ha FIST POUND! -puts fist out to be pounded-

Nit: *casually pounds Regina's fist*

Regina: -makes explosion sound- anyway, we should be friends

Alily: Yeah!!!

Kar: -ahem- Kar the Awesome is still here

Nit: Sure.

Regina: Yay! -pulls an energy drink out of her bag, opens it, and drinks it quickly.- ha... I'm addicted to this stuff

Kar: can i have some??

Alily: *shudders at the sight of the energy drink* Those are gross...

Regina: sure -hands Kar one-

Regina: sure

Regina: weeh! -is high on caffeine- ha-ha -poke Nit in the noes- ha-ha  

Nit: *is poked in the nose* What the...

Alily: *giggles* And that's why they're gross... They make you all crazy and stuff...

Regina: OH MY GAWD HAVE YOU SEEN THE DRAGON IN THE KITCHEN??? im just kidding hahhhahahhahahahahhaha! Hey.... Nit you want one?

Nit: No thanks.

Kar: sips his quietly-

Regina: -has a giggle fit and starts rolling on the ground with tears streaming down her face-

Alily: You might've had too much, Regina...

Kar: com on Regina, get up, your making a fool of your self...-grabs her arm and drags her up-

Regina: yes, sir ha-ha, -deep breath- OK im good now -wipes eyes-

Alily: You better be... *the train stops to pick up the District 11 tributes*

Regina: -Jared walks on and R says under her breath- oh my gawd that's him!

Alily: *barely hears Regina* Who?

Regina: Last year his brother volunteered for him -she said pointing at Jared- and was killed, he feels like he failed him...

Alily: Wow...

Kar: that's depressing....

Nit: *agrees with Alily, who he also has a crush on*

Regina: I know... oh gawd... - sadness finally slammed into her, her parents are DEAD...- -sobs-

Kar: -puts his arm around her- shh...shh... its okay...

Alily: I-it's okay, Regina...

Nit: *whispers to Alily* Why's she crying?

Alily: *whispers back* Her parents are dead...

Regina: i.... why? -she whispered as she was pulled into Kar's lap-

Kar: -strokes her hair- its OK... Reg, its okay...

Nit: *whispers back to Alily* Oh... I feel sorry for her then...

Alily: *hugs Nit* I hope that doesn't happen to me or you in the near future...

Regina: takes a rag out of her bag and wipes her face then smiles up at Kar- thanks...

Kar: Its OK... -He said looking at the food on the table-  

Regina: Sits up- well I'm going to eat! -pulls up chair next to Kar-

Kar: -already eating- nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Nit: *hugs Alily back* Yeah... I would be devastated...

Regina: -eats like a queen- so, sit eat and be merry

Alily: *stops hugging Nit and looks at the assortment of food. she automatically notices the fudge and gets a fork and plate and delves into the delicious fudge*

Nit: *the train starts again to go to District 12, the final stop*

Regina: on to d12!

Alily: *swallows* Yep! Then onwards to the Capitol!!!

Regina: -sarcasm- yaay

Kar: that should be fun

Regina: pulls into capital

Alily: *been asleep for the past two hours on Nit's shoulder*

Kar: The great capital of (NOT) awesomeness

Nit: *shakes Alily a little* Wake up, we're here...

Regina: -been in deep conversation with the Kar the last few hours-

Alily: *wakes up and yawns, a bit groggy* W-where...

Regina: The capital

Alily: T-thanks, Regina... *gets up off of Nit's shoulder and stands. she stretches a bit*

Regina: yawns..

Effie: everyone off, grab your stuff!!

Regina: Kar and Regina leave train together

Alily: *looks around the Capitol* It's so vivid!!!

Regina: i hate it hear -she says under her breath-

Kar: i agree...

Nit: Yeah... It hurts my eyes a bit...

Regina: exactly, its not open or anything

Alily: *loves the Capitol already* But it's so pretty!!! *loves stuff like this*

Kar: i miss the plains... and trees... and cows.... and sheep.... and chickens.... and goats......and geese...

Nit: Imagine what it used to be like... No neon, no nothing. Just a bunch of trees...

Regina: its so... materialistic

Alily: Yeah!!! SO it's very pretty!!!!

Regina: no... its ugly there is nothing natural about it

Kar: well said -he laughed-

Alily: Well, I'm sorry for liking this kind of stuff!!!

Nit: *just standing there*

Regina: fake punches nit's arm

Nit: *is fakepunched in the arm* What, Regina?

Regina: i don't know, im bored JEEZZZZZZ.

Regina: Effie: this way please

Nit: *he and Alily follow Effie to the hotel*

Regina: is following.

Kar: following but not listening.

Alily: *as they follow Effie to the hotel, she is amazed at all the Capitol has to offer*

Regina: Sighs and rolls eyes

Nit: *in a few minutes, they arrive at the hotel*

Regina: oh wow ANOTHER materialistic place! yay!

Kar: ha-ha

Alily: *hmph* Let's go inside anyways. Hopefully it isn't too materialistic for you guys...

Regina: -walks in- oh my gawd!! -fake happy then flat- its materialistic too

Alily: *looks around* It's even more pretty!!!!

Regina: -acts like she puking-

Kar: ha-ha!!!

Nit: *chuckles*

Alily: Stop messing around, Regina!!!

Regina: looks at Alily like she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Ch.3 The Game

I stepped on the platform. "Bye, Cinna" I waved and went up. I saw the cornucopia, and everyone else. I had planned to run and get a weapon, but that appeared to not be an option. 3...2...1. I ran for a bag and attempted to sprint away, but I tripped and fell. Quickly, like hyenas on a dead animal. Someone was on top of me. They attempted to stab me, but I managed to deflect it. It was district one, I kicked his back that seemed to shock him for a moment, just enough time for me to roll him off and me to sprint away. I heard him say as i sprinted.
      "We'll get her next time." The continued running then i slowed to a jog and kept it up. I found a nice cave where i knew no one could ever find me. I slipped in and thats when the cannon started. 1...2...3...4...5. 'Only five today? wow its usually almost all.' I thought. The "sky" darkened and I was more than ready to sleep.
      I woke with a start. Alily was leaning over me with a knife. I raised my leg and kicked her in the stomach. Hard. She coughed. I grabbed a rock and pounced on her. I hit her head "I" again. "THOUGHT" Again. "WE" Again. "WERE" Again. "FRIENDS!" The last time. I was covered in blood, her skull was completely caved in. "Oh. My. God." 'i HAVE to drag the body out.' I thought. BOOM the canon signaled her death. I dragged her out, said a prayer, and went back in my cave. 'Nit, will kill me for this' I thought. I went down the river with a rag and dropped it in the water. I picked it back up and went to my cave, for cleaning. I slapped the rag and started scrubbing. It was mid- mourning when I finished up. I was quietly humming to my self, when something in the bushes moved. I crouched down in the front of my cave and watched intensely. Then five people walked out of the bushes.
      "Oh my GOD!" The district two girl laughed "Did you see her face, it was all like" She made a really odd looking face then, started to scream and imitation. "Please don't kill me, please, I can help you!' And then when i got her! That was the funniest part! 'I love you, mum. I hope everyone will remember me...'" She laughed even harder.
      I heard a familiar laugh "Yeah, she looked so stupid" My anger ran high, i wanted to jump out and kill them all. It was Kar. Of course HE was a career. I bet he even thinks all the girls in our District are impressed. God I hated him, so arrogant.
      "Are you sure she went THIS way?" Nit chimed in.
      "Absolutely sure, you see that?" He said "That's her fire, I can tell."
      " I thought you 'Loved' her, Kar!" District Two giggled.
      "I was doing that to gain her trust, DUH!" He laughed "You guys are SO naive." At that moment, I knew I hated him, he was a stupid, arrogant boy.
      "So, uh, let's keep going, the sooner we find her the sooner the games will end." Nit grumbled. There was some banter i didn't catch then they left. I breathed out. 'I'm so glad that Nit doesn't know yet.' I hopped down and started looking for easy pray. An injured bird lays on the ground cooing softly. I am careful not to get too close frighten it. I grab my knife by the blade, and aim carefully, then chuck it. Hitting the bird in the neck, I walk up and grab the decapitated bird. I recognize it instantly, it was a cukoo. I go back up to my cave and start a very small fire, and but the fowl in it. I pull it out when it looks cooked pretty good. I munched on it awhile and them the screen showed up.
      " District One, Alily died." I frowned, regretting killing such a young person. I stuffed the rest of the meat in my backpack, and went to sleep.

Ch. 4 The Finale

 I was sitting in my cave being almost EVERYONE was dead, there where 4 people left. Nit, Kar, Me, and the girl from District 5. I was chilling munching on some berries. When I heard Kar shout my name. "REGINA!! HELP! CLOER GOT ME!! HELP!" I slowly crawled out of the cave, assuming it was a trick, I had found a Samari Sword, was drawn out. "REGINA! I THINK I'M DIEING! HELP ME! PLEASE!" I shuddered, as i walked towards his voice. When i found him, he was in a pool of his own blood. A cannon boomed.
     "KAR!" I sprinted to his side, but I was too late, he was already gone. "No. no. no. no. no. no.!" I yelled, his blood was all over me. "No, God, please." I sobbed rocking him like a child. "Why? Why did you take him? I didn't even get to say good bye!" I didn't care how ridiculous I looked, I had loved him, i knew neither of us could have won, but I didn't get to tell him. I cried for a bit, then I heard a rustle. I stood up, and looked around then I yelled, "COME AT ME! YOU MURDERER! COME AT ME!" I heard a familiar giggle. Cloer. She had to pay. I lifted up my sword. "Come at me." I whispered. Then I heard a battle cry, I turned to the noise with my sword out, I closed my eyes. A blood curdling scream. I opened my eyes, and there she was, stabbed into my sword. She dropped the knife she held over her head.
     "Oh..." She said weakly, before she fell backwards on to the ground. Blood splatered everywhere when she hit the cold hard ground. Just like that she was gone. Poor girl. Now it was just me and Nit. I climbed a near by tree, i got to about mid height and started hopping from tree to tree. I was thinking 'I gotcha where i wantcha, now im gonna getcha' over and over. When all of the sudden i was strung up by my feet. Which was a VERY dizzy experience. I heard walking. Oh no. no no no no no no no no no. It was Nit I tried to reach a tree to escape, but it was too far away.
     "Oh, this is just TOO easy." He laughed, shaking his head. "I mean, I just layed a rope down, and BOOM! I caught you." He smiled up at me, he was pretty bloodied up himself. A black eye, a cut down his arm, and chapped, bleeding lips. "You killed the only love in my life, and now... you have to pay the price." He raised a knife to my throat. I grimaced, but I was not going to beg for salvation. He slit my throat, and i died instantly, then he raised the knife to his heart, and stabbed.
     No body won the 69th Hunger Games, because of one girl who thought I'd be an easy target, and the revenge of a lover. But as I would imitate Effie, "The odds where in nobody's favor this time around." I Hope you learned a lesson all of you, don't back stab anyone, even if you think they're an easy target.

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